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Bathroom Bonus 2024: how it works and for whom it is intended

March 20, 2024

The bathroom, as we have seen in other dedicated insights, such as ideal floor and wall coverings, how to make a luxury bathroom, or the various types of bathroom furniture, is one of the main rooms in the home and it is essential that it is functional and designed according to your specific needs.

If you want to modernize your bathroom, remodel it to change the bathroom fixtures, turn an old built-in bathtub into a beautiful shower with all the amenities, then you should know that 2024 has a very big opportunity in store for you: it's the Bathroom Bonus!

Find out in this comprehensive guide all the benefits, how it works and who is eligible for the Bathroom Bonus 2024 and finally make your dream come true!

What bathroom incentives are there?

The 2024 Bathroom Bonus offers a good motivation to stop putting off the decision to remodel your bathroom: it is a tax break, in the form of a 50 percent deduction over 10 years, for bathroom renovations and makeovers for expenses up to €96,000. An excellent opportunity then for all those who have in their drawer the desire to renovate their bathroom but have a limited budget to be able to do so.

Who is eligible for the bathroom renovation bonus?

All taxpayers subject to IRPEF are eligible for the relief, provided that they own or hold, on the basis of a suitable title, the property subject to the interventions and bear the related expenses.

How does the 50% Irpef deduction for bathroom renovation work?

How the 50% Irpef deduction for bathroom renovation works is simple. After carrying out the renovation work, you can get an Irpef deduction over 10 years in equal annual installments.

When does the Bathroom Bonus 2024 expire and what work is covered?

The 2024 Bathroom Bonus expires on December 31, 2024, and there are a number of renovations that can be implemented and that can be brought in to qualify for the deduction.

All extraordinary maintenance works are eligible, i.e., those interventions that involve the redoing of water systems and bringing them up to standard, but also aesthetic renovations, so new sanitary ware, flooring, and wall tiles. Special works, such as the removal of architectural barriers, can also be made to fall within the Bathroom Bonus.

It is useful to know that if you are intending to take advantage of the 2024 Bathroom Bonus you will also be entitled to access the Furniture Bonus, which allows you to have an Irpef deduction of 50% on a maximum amount of €5,000 for the purchase of furniture, not necessarily intended for your bathroom, and appliances. In short, this is an opportunity that can give a new life to your property in the round!

How much does it cost to redo a bathroom with Bathroom Bonus?

The total cost to redo a bathroom with Bonus depends on several factors, including the size of the bathroom, the materials used, and the type of work needed. Oliviero's experts are here to provide you with a free consultation, which you can book by clicking here, in order to analyze the situation together in its current state and design your new bathroom together with you!

With the right planning, the assistance of our qualified professionals and our expertise, you can finally get the bathroom of your dreams at an affordable cost. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

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