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Bathroom Flooring and Wall Cladding: everything you need to know!

March 7, 2023

Choosing a bathroom floor can often prove complex: which material? What colors to favor? Above all, what type of floor is resistant to moisture? Even for wall coverings, doubts often arise: how to match them with the bathroom floors I have chosen? Which ones are the most suitable?

We answer these questions every day and are always happy to help clarify your doubts, and today, too, we are here to guide you in choosing your bathroom floor and wall tiles!

What kind of floor to put in the bathroom?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions to our experts. There is always a lot of indecision when at our showroom you see multiple types of flooring suitable for the bathroom.

The answer to this doubt is very often related to personal tastes: those who prefer a porcelain stoneware bathroom floor, those who are won over by resin floor and wall tiles or choose to put a wood or vinyl floor in SPC. In Oliviero we have solutions for all styles of decor and for all budgets!

However, there is one important aspect that comes into play when evaluating which is the best floor for the bathroom: its ability to resist moisture.

Moisture-resistant Bathroom Flooring and WALL CLADDING

Between the infinity of materials on the market and the available color combinations, designing or renovating the bathroom, as we have seen, can put a strain on anyone! Choosing bathroom floor and wall tiles is not so simple because, in addition to the aesthetic factor, several aspects must be evaluated: among the most important are the ability to resist moisture.

Stoneware floor and wall tiles, for example, turn out to be excellent allies against moisture. Stoneware is a material that pleases those who choose it for three different aspects: beauty and elegance, which emerges in the choice of colors and finishes, functionality and practicality, especially when cleaning, and last but not least its resistance, even to the humidity factor.

Another excellent solution is the choice of resin floor and wall cladding: modern and impressive, they will certainly not go unnoticed! Resin is a particularly popular material due to its remarkable practicality and the absence of joints, a particularly important detail because it makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. A resin bathroom floor is very resistant, even and especially to moisture.

What about the wooden bathroom floor? Let's dispel some myths! Surely wood is one of the most valuable and at the same time delicate materials on the market, but the feeling you get when walking on a wooden surface is really fantastic. Laying a wooden floor means making a room, as "atypical" as the bathroom, immediately unique.

But let's come right away to the biggest question that arises when evaluating a wooden bathroom floor: does it resist moisture?

The answer is: it depends on the moisture content. Wood in the bathroom perfectly resists the moisture generated by a hot shower, it also resists the water that might fall on it (which you would in any case try to dry as soon as possible, whatever your floor is).

Its resistance can be put to the test if you have a steamy bathroom or with a constant water leak on the floor: for example, if your washing machine has been leaking water for several hours without you noticing, it will be easier for your wood floor to be ruined or to rise.

How to choose bathroom wall CLADDING?

Once you have decided on the floor for the bathroom, whether it is the main bathroom or the guest bathroom, you need to think about which floor covering to match. Again, the solutions are really many: classic tile or resin? Stone cladding or a beautiful wallpaper?

It all depends on personal taste and the style you want to give your bathroom. You can choose a stone bathroom wall cladding if you want to give a striking and unique effect, making the room unique and precious. You can consider a porcelain tile with a pattern or color that contrasts with the floor: the combination of light and dark, without exaggeration, or the pattern with solid color, are modern and very fashionable solutions.

Definitely, resin is part of modern bathroom coverings, if this is the style you wish to give to your environment. Thanks to its glossy texture and pleasant to the touch, resin will win you over instantly. For a more classic style, on the other hand, you can always opt for ceramic bathroom tiles: have fun choosing their color, shape and size!

Whatever your doubts about the ideal bathroom flooring or bathroom wall tiles, our advice is to visit us and let our experts guide you. If you already have a project in mind or an idea for your bathroom, you can always fill out the form and give us a few pointers. We will be happy to assist you in creating the bathroom of your dreams!

Tell us about your bathroom project, and let's make it happen together!

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