Oliviero Sovizzo Vicenza

Bathroom furniture: how to navigate between styles, materials and finishes

July 13, 2023

The bathroom, even if it doesn't seem like it, is one of the rooms in your home that needs to be designed down to the smallest detail: we don't experience it for long during the day, such as a living room or a bedroom, for example, but for the little that is used, everything must be thought to perfection!

In addition to the choice of bathroom fixtures, it is essential to think carefully about which type of bathroom furniture to insert, to make your bathroom unique and in line with the style of the house. Classic or modern. Suspended or on the ground. Colored or neutral tones. Here are our tips for choosing the most suitable bathroom furniture for you!


After calculating the space you have available to design or modernize the bathroom, it is essential to ask yourself whether it is a master bathroom or a service bathroom.

Usually the budget and attention to detail are greater for the main bathroom, also known as the master bathroom. Bathroom furniture from the most exclusive collections and the most well-known brands is preferred . Much attention is paid to the research and quality of floor and wall materials and , at times, the chosen bathroom compositions have more of an aesthetic than a functional purpose.

Ultimately we are talking about the main bathroom , an environment that must have a greater impact than a smaller bathroom or a laundry room.

Here are some tips for choosing furniture for a master bathroom:

  1. Double Vanity : If space permits, and if you'll be sharing a bathroom with a partner or other family members, a double vanity can be a practical choice. This allows two people to use the sink at the same time, improving the functionality of the bathroom.
  2. Cabinet with ample storage space : opt for a cabinet with large counter surfaces and drawers or cabinets to store everyday items such as towels, personal hygiene products and accessories.
  3. Large Mirror : A large wall mirror or vanity unit with built-in mirror can be a centerpiece in the master bathroom. It is not only functional for reflecting light and for daily routines, but can also create a sense of extra space and brightness.
  4. Adequate Lighting : Make sure you install adequate lighting in the master bathroom. You can combine different light sources, such as ceiling lights, wall sconces and mirror lights, to create a cozy and functional atmosphere.
mobili bagno padronale


If, on the other hand, your idea is to design and choose furniture for a service bathroom , you can think of a simpler type of bathroom furniture, without sacrificing quality and design. 

Since the powder room is usually a smaller space than the main bathroom, and is used mainly by guests, it is important to optimize the space and create a welcoming environment. Here are some of our suggestions for choosing furniture for a powder room:

  1. Compact washbasin : choose a small-sized washbasin or a countertop washbasin , which takes up less space and makes the bathroom more livable. You can also consider installing a corner sink to maximize space.
  2. Suspended bathroom vanity : A suspended vanity , which attaches to the wall rather than resting on the floor, is a smart choice for a powder room – it helps create a sense of space and makes it easier to clean the floor. 
  3. Shelves or shelves : If space permits, adding shelves or shelves to store necessary items, such as towels or personal hygiene products, is always a good idea. Make sure you choose shelves or shelves that complement the style of the bathroom furniture .
  4. Consistent design : Maintain a consistent design with the rest of the house by choosing furniture that matches the overall style of the decor and creates a harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom.


Considering the style you want for your bathroom and the space available, there are different types of bathroom furniture that allow you to combine comfort and practicality.

Support furniture for bathroom

They are indicated in large bathrooms as they occupy more surface area than suspended furniture. In fact, the latter, in addition to being trendy, make cleaning easier and are ideal for small bathrooms.

Low bathroom furniture

Very popular for their versatility. Equipped with one or more drawers and wheels, they can be placed comfortably in a corner or under a tall piece of furniture so as not to take up too much space. And, why not, also used as stools or support surfaces.

Under sink cabinet

It is the must of any bathroom furniture. It usually has one or more large drawers for storing bulkier everyday items (hairdryers, electric razors, hair straighteners, etc.).

Bathroom column cabinet

Another classic revisited according to styles and trends is the bathroom column unit . Free-standing or suspended, closed with doors or open with shelves, this vertical wall reduces clutter and furnishes the bathroom. More or less capacious depending on the depth, the column bathroom cabinet is an excellent support for toothbrushes, combs, brushes, cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

Mirror and bathroom towel warmer

Finally, even the mirror and the bathroom towel warmer can be transformed into useful and design furnishing elements. Let's think, for example, of the mirror cabinets with integrated LED lighting or some models of heated towel rails that allow you to hang and dry mats and bathrobes.

mobile per il bagno


The choice between wood or composite materials such as melamine or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is totally subjective.
Certainly solid wood bathroom furniture furnishes with charm and warmth. However, despite being resistant, wood requires greater care and attention in its use and cleaning.

Melamine or MDF bathroom furniture is made from composite materials, i.e. small pieces of wood glued together and covered with a laminate surface. Here you can range with the colors and the choice of finishes for a truly unique bathroom furniture customization. 


Taps, soap dishes, roll holders, stools, shelves and mirrors are just some of the bathroom accessories with which you can give completeness and verve to all furnishings.

Let's think, for example, of the composition of solid wood bathroom furniture with extremely contemporary accessories made with innovative materials such as resin, silicone or even plastic. Just as, to give greater elegance, accessories in marble, natural stone, glass can be combined with bathroom furniture .


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