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Resin Bathroom Floor: the perfect choice!

July 28, 2023

In recent times, resin bathrooms have become a real trend! Resin is indeed a material that is easily appreciated, thanks to its practicality and durability. In addition, we have to keep in mind that modern and industrial style is trending lately, and for those who appreciate it, a resin floor or wall covering turns out to be a great ally.

Why choose a resin bathroom floor or wall covering? We reveal it to you in this article!

Resin bathroom floor: what are the advantages?

Resin flooring, as we said, has become a popular choice for bathrooms. This is because it offers numerous advantages over other types of bathroom flooring. Here are some of them:

  1. Waterproofness: resin is very popular because it is a waterproof material, making it ideal for wet environments such as bathrooms. It prevents water from seeping into the floor, thus preventing potential damage.
  2. Ease of cleaning: the smooth surface of resin flooring makes daily cleaning and maintenance much easier. A simple cleaning with water and detergent is enough to keep the floor in excellent condition.
  3. Resistance to stains and mold: resin is very resistant to stains and mold growth, which can be very common problems in environments subject to moisture and water such as, for example, the bathroom.
  4. Seamless flooring: because resin can be applied as a monolithic coating, there are no seams or joints where dirt or moisture can accumulate, making it easier to clean and maintain a neat appearance.

Resin for bathrooms: not just floors!

Resin lends itself very well to be used for bathroom wall tiles as well. Always linking to current trends, creating a sense of continuity between wall and floors, within a room, is a very common choice! Especially when adopted for a small bathroom, the choice of combining resin floor and wall tiles turns out to be strategic to give the room more grandeur to the eye. 

Today we want to tell you about a truly fantastic project that we had the pleasure of following: the creation of a bathroom with resin floor and wall tiles, embellished with modern and impactful LEDs.

The clients' desire was to create a uniquely designed and functional bathroom environment. The presence of the wooden ceiling truss required a careful study of the colors and arrangement of the bathroom furniture. The choice of resin as the material for floors and walls immediately turned out to be the perfect solution!

pavimenti bagno in resina

Resin floors, combined with vertical coverings, give, as we said, a fluid perception of the environment, expand spaces and offer countless advantages from the point of view of functionality.

Another advantage of resin that should not be underestimated? Resin floor and wall tiles offer a huge range of colors from which to draw to perfectly coordinate bathroom furniture and accessories. The color chosen for this bathroom came in two shades: darker on the walls and lighter on the flooring. In addition, the textured feel gives a unique touch of modernity and sophistication.

The result is a warm and relaxing environment in perfect harmony with the desired style.

Here, in detail, are the technical specifications of the resin chosen for this project:

Material: Kerakoll Cementoresin®.

Finish: Textural Wallcrete effect

Color: KK81
Certified laying 6 layers with 12 steps

Resin bathroom: where to start?

Is resin a material that has caught your eye and would you like to install resin flooring in your bathroom? The installers at Oliviero Pavimenti are Kerakoll Design House certified, one of the largest landmark companies in the production of resin for building use.

Tell us your needs, it will be our job to help you realize and shape your next project!

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