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Corà is an Italian company that has been in the wood industry for more than 100 years: founded in 1919, it has always put values such as sustainability and attention to the environment, product quality and attention to the smallest details, from the first steps of production to the final marketing of the wood, at the top of its list.

The company, which has deep roots in the Veneto region of Italy, has over the years become a benchmark in the wood distribution sector in Italy and around the world, offering a wide range of products and services to meet the needs and desires of the end customer.

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A wood love story that has last for 4 generations

With more than a century of history, the Corà family has dedicated its resources, time and love to the world of wood and all that complements it. Founded in 1919 as a local lumber production and sales firm, today the company has expanded globally, supplying more than 8,000 customers worldwide.Thanks to its historical presence in world markets, Corà is today one of the major points of reference for those who need to procure a wide range of materials.Our task is to select reliable partners who can guarantee a quality and durable product. Precisely for this reason, Oliviero Pavimenti is the official distributor of the Corà Legnami company, which has always impressed us with its immense commitment to safeguarding the Planet and protecting raw materials.

Sustainability and Respect for the Environment since 1963

Corà has always wanted to make the most of the planet and the natural resources it has to offer.Wood is a very precious commodity, destined to run out if it is not protected in the best possible way. That is why the company since 1963 has financed numerous reforestation projects, aimed at repopulating with new shrubs the areas used to obtain the woody raw material.Only through responsible and sustainable management of the resources of Planet Earth is it possible to always guarantee a product of excellent quality, while maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Corà parquet is synonymous with quality craftsmanship

Corà offers a wide selection of fine woods, panels, beams, laminates and other wood materials. This comprehensive range of products allows it to serve a wide range of sectors, including construction, the furniture industry, crafts, and many others. We at Oliviero chose this prestigious company to offer the highest quality parquet flooring that could guarantee our loyal customers a long-lasting solution with timeless elegance.Corà parquet collections are designed to furnish indoor and outdoor environments, whatever style you want to give your home, office or commercial building. Wood adapts perfectly to any space, especially because it has the power to immediately give a sense of warmth and naturalness, generating a welcoming atmosphere that is very difficult to replicate by using other materials for flooring or coverings.With Corà you have the possibility to choose the type of wood, the finish, the essence, the format. For a floor that you will feel is 100% yours and will enhance your indoor or outdoor spaces in the best way. It will be a pleasure to help you choose the perfect wood floor at our showroom. Book an appointment now!

Why choose a Corà parquet floor

Wood flooring is an elegant and enduring choice for interior design, and when it comes to high-quality wood, the Corà name stands out as one of the leaders in the industry. The company is renowned for its excellence in the production and distribution of wood flooring, with a range of products that meets the most sophisticated needs for design and functionality.Here are some good reasons to choose Corà as the brand name of your next wood floor:

  1. Choice of Precious Woods: the Corà Parquet selection includes the highest quality woods from forests that are responsibly managed, paying close attention to the sustainability factor. The variety of woods you will find in the Corà Parquet catalog allows customers to choose the wood flooring that best suits the style and aesthetics of the home, as well as their own practical needs (for example, the presence of underfloor heating, which goes well with wood flooring).
  2. Craftsmanship assured: attention to detail is something that can only be 100% guaranteed when it is a material that continues to be handcrafted. Each plank is precisely machined, inspected and rigidly tested in order to ensure a smooth, uniform and durable surface. Only in this way can the promise of a floor that will last a long time be fulfilled!
  3. Longevity: you know, wood flooring possesses an elegance that goes beyond the passing of years! Corà wood floors are are designed to last long over the years due to their sturdiness and fine finish, which allow the material to withstand everyday wear and tear and trampling.
  4. Several finishes to choose from: the Corà brand offers a wide range of finishes to meet any furnishing need. Visit our showroom and be won over by our Corà corner: it will be our job to show you all the possible options to help you choose the wood flooring that best suits your tastes and needs! Book a consultation now.
  5. Ease of Maintenance: it's true, wood flooring needs care and attention over time, but Corà wood floors are designed to simplify cleaning and maintenance as well. During your personalized consultation, we will explain how to clean your wood floor, what products to use, and how often. Once you learn a few small steps, you will find this process very quick and easy!

Come visit us and design with us the home of your dreams. We are sure it will not be difficult to fall in love with the proposals of the company Corà Legnami, which, thanks to its extensive catalog, always manages to win over lovers of parquet and the feelings it gives to the home environment. Make your appointment, we are waiting for you!

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