Treesse Group: luxury and technology for your well-being

Treesse is an Italian company renowned for being a leader in the luxury bathroom furnishings sector, thanks to the refined design and cutting-edge technology of its products.
With over 40 years of activity, the Treesse Group has always stood out for its great attention to materials and finishes, as well as to the style of its solutions, capable of adapting effectively to all types of furnishings , enhancing internal and external domestic spaces.
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A Family Commitment and the Italian Soul of the Treesse Group

With the passage of time and the many evolutions that have marked the entrepreneurial history of the Treesse Group, pillars have constantly characterized its identity: the deep bond with 'Italy and the active participation of the family. Even today all crucial decisions are taken by members of the same family, ensuring the ability to intervene promptly and with full awareness in any circumstance. This stability and determination undoubtedly represent the key to the success of the Treesse Group, contributing significantly to the prestigious position that the company occupies today. This position was achieved thanks to substantial investments in research and innovation, accompanied by rigorous control procedures aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality of the products before they enter the market.

From Simple Bathroom Furnishings to Authentic Wellbeing Experiences

Gruppo Treesse offers a wide range of products, covering both the national and international markets with a spectrum of styles ranging from modern and minimalist to classic. This variety is made possible thanks to the use of diversified materials such as wood, glass and metal, and the interpretation of a vast range of trends, from nineteenth-century classics to contemporary essentiality. The Treesse Group's production includes bathtubs, minipiscine, large bathtubs, corner bathtubs, multifunction shower cabins and even saune. All Treesse products stand out for their innovative design and cutting-edge technologies, the result of collaborations with high-calibre designers such as Marc Sadler. These collaborations have led to the creation of exclusive patents and cutting-edge solutions. An example is the Ghost System hydromassage system: an innovative technology that hides the hydromassage nozzles, leaving the tub free and clean, surrounded by a magical line of light.

Treesse Bathtubs

The Treesse bathtubs embody excellence in the world of bathroom furnishings. Each tub is a fusion of exquisite design, supreme comfort and high-quality craftsmanship. These tubs are not only functional elements, but also works of art that transform the bathroom into a place of luxury and relaxation. Treesse bathtubs are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, adapting perfectly to any space and personal taste . They are made with fine materials such as wood, glass and metal, ensuring exceptional durability and timeless beauty. But what makes Treesse bathtubs truly special is their attention to detail and innovation. Many of these tubs are equipped with advanced hydromassage systems, chromotherapy and other features to further enhance the bathing experience. Discover our selection of Treesse hot tubs and transform your space into an oasis of pleasure. Contact us for an appointment at our showroom.

Treesse mini-pools

The Treesse mini-pools represent a concentration of luxury, comfort and relaxation , combined in a compact but extraordinarily welcoming space. These mini oases of pleasure are designed to fit perfectly into small spaces, allowing anyone to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool in any environment, be it your own garden, a terrace or even the interior of your home .Treesse mini-pools are synonymous with sophisticated design and cutting-edge technologies. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit each customer's needs, with options including hydromassage, chromotherapy and advanced filtration systems to ensure optimal water quality. Thanks to their versatility and ability to create an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation, Treesse mini-pools offer an extraordinary way to improve the quality of life and enjoy moments of pure pleasure, all in the comfort of your own home.Discover our selection of Treesse mini-pools and transform your space into an oasis of pleasure. Visit the dedicated section to find the mini-pool of your dreams.

Saunas Treesse

Treesse saunas represent a wellness experience of the highest level, perfectly in line with the philosophy of quality and innovation that characterizes the Treesse Group. These saunas are designed to offer an oasis of relaxation and regeneration, creating an ideal environment to unwind and release accumulated stress. The range of Treesse saunas ranges from traditional models to the most modern and technologically advanced ones, allowing customers to choose the solution that best suits their needs and space.

Treesse saunas are made with high quality materials, ensuring long life and optimal efficiency. Their design aims to maximize users' comfort and well-being, offering options such as aromatherapy and chromotherapy for a complete multi-sensory experience.

Furthermore, the Treesse Group's collaboration with internationally renowned designers has led to the innovative use of materials and technologies, making Treesse saunas not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. With Treesse saunas, wellness becomes an art and a science, offering an environment of luxury and relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

Enter the universe of relaxation with our Treesse saunas. Find out more in our dedicated section and create your personal wellness corner .

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