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Cement for outdoor flooring

March 12, 2024

Spring is just around the corner: what better time to start thinking about how to design an outdoor floor? Therefore, the time has come to focus on the exteriors of our home and think about how to set them up with a view to experiencing and making the most of them during the warm season.

Among the various types of outdoor flooring, one of the most popular is definitely cement, a material that provides you with durability and guarantee over time, easy to maintain and that, in its various types, can give you an aesthetic that certainly does not go unnoticed!

Outdoor concrete floor, why choose it?

Outdoor concrete paving proves to be a smart and effective choice because of its practicality, but also sophisticated because it is able to combine the material's robustness with its refined aesthetics. The versatility of concrete allows for a wide range of design possibilities, adapting elegantly to different architectural and landscape styles.

Why choose concrete for outdoor paving? First and foremost, because of its resistance to weather and adverse environmental conditions: thanks to this type of flooring, exposure to sunlight, rain, frost and temperature variations will never be a problem, thus guaranteeing you long-term durability without ever going to impact your appearance.

Cement is also popular because it offers the possibility of customizing the flooring through the choice of different finishes, colors and textures.Therefore, finding the perfect outdoor flooring cement for your home will be really easy thanks to the wide range of options available. From concrete outdoor flooring with a modern style to a more traditional taste, this material fits perfectly in any context, defining your outdoor spaces with a touch of character and design.

Another advantage of outdoor concrete flooring? Definitely the easy maintenance, a key aspect that makes this choice so beloved in the long run. Its surface makes cleaning an easy task, reducing the efforts and costs associated with managing and maintaining the pavement over time. All you need to do is sweep the flooring and then wash it with a soft-bristled brush using a mild detergent. Once brushing is complete, you can let it dry naturally in the sunlight or, alternatively, mop the surface with a dry mop.

outdoor cement

Stamped concrete, the decorative outdoor flooring

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete for exteriors is a solution that many people choose to pave and make the environment harmonious, even with their own garden, elevating the rough appearance of concrete to the maximum. This innovative material makes it possible to lay decorative surfaces, imitating the appearance of natural materials such as stone, brick or wood, but with the unique and proper advantages of concrete in terms of durability and maintenance, as we saw earlier.

How to make a stamped concrete floor?

To create stamped concrete involves the use of special molds, which are pressed onto the fresh surface of the concrete-this process succeeds in giving the material distinctive shapes and details. The result? An outdoor floor that enhances your outdoor environments with an over-the-top aesthetic. In short, the perfect choice that combines durability with design and allows you to achieve truly sublime results, such as stone-effect stamped concrete or wood-effect stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete is characterized by a uniform and continuous surface due to the absence of visible joints, creating an eye-catching visual effect. This feature not only contributes to the aesthetic appearance, but also simplifies cleaning and maintenance, making the floor a practical and attractive choice for outdoor environments.

outdoor stamped concrete floor

How much does outdoor stamped concrete cost?

The price of stamped concrete is difficult to define without taking into consideration some aspects that are really crucial, such as:

  1. The size of the area to be paved: this will affect the total cost of stamped concrete, and obviously, the larger the area, the greater the amount of material required to complete the job.
  2. The design chosen: more complex patterns, designs, and finishes can increase the overall cost, especially if they are more unique options that involve specific workmanship.
  3. Ground conditions: ground preparation is also a key part of the installation process, as it may need to be leveled or require special preliminary work for optimal installation.

If you are considering stamped concrete as a solution for paving your outdoor spaces, we suggest you schedule a consultation with the experts at Oliviero now! We continually witness projects and implementations to transform indoor and outdoor environments into dream spaces. The next one can be yours!

What kind of concrete to use for outdoor floor? How to apply stamped concrete? How much does outdoor cement floor cost? We are here to answer your doubts!

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