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Chromotherapy shower: what it is, how it works, benefits

October 16, 2023

If you want to expand your home spa area or dream of experiencing shower time as a different and rejuvenating relaxation experience, then the product you are definitely looking for is the chromotherapy shower.

Chromotherapy shower is a type of shower that uses colored light to give well-being and relaxation during bath time. This type of shower stall is based on the technology of chromotherapy, which has numerous benefits on our psycho-physical well-being and manages to give an extra touch to our daily moments of relaxation.

What is chromotherapy?

Color therapy, or cromotheraphy, is a type of complementary therapy bases its theories on the use of colors to positively influence the well-being of mind and body. Chromotherapy can be applied to various contexts and is particularly valued in areas including alternative medicine, wellness, holistic therapy, and traditional medicine in some cultures.

So what, specifically, are the benefits of color therapy?

  1. Influence on mood: colors can have a very positive and direct influence on the mood and emotional well-being of human beings. Blue, for example, is a color that is often associated with calmness and relaxation, while red can act as a stimulating and energizing color, giving vitality and recharging the body and mind with energy.
  2. Treatment of physical ailments: some physical ailments and pains can undergo improvements with exposure to certain colored light beams. In fact, it is thought that the color blue can be used to relieve physical pain, while green can be used to treat heart-related problems.
  3. Balancing the chakras: In holistic medicine and its healing practices, color therapy is often used to balance the chakras, which are considered energy centers in the human body.
  4. Lighting and environments: color therapy can also be used in room decor to create specific atmospheres and influence people's moods. As in the case of the color therapy shower, which is often used in wellness centers to convey peace and tranquility to those who decide to take time for themselves to recharge their batteries and melt away stress.

Chromotherapy in the shower: how does it work?

Making use of chromotherapy in the shower represents a not insignificant plus, because the already known benefits of the classic shower, thus cleansing the body and hair, toning and moisturizing the skin, are joined by new sensations, thanks to the game of colors that directly affects physical and mental well-being.

Within the color therapy shower, colored LEDs are integrated into the shower head and walls that transform the water jet into a cascade of light and color. Depending on your needs and the time of day when you decide to take a shower, you can choose a specific type of program:

  • for example, if you take a shower in the morning you are more likely to want to choose an energizing and revitalizing program for your body, thus involving vivid colors such as red, yellow or green and with the water set at medium/low temperatures.
  • If, on the other hand, you shower when you return from work or before going to bed, thus at a time when relaxation should be encouraged, you are more likely to choose a relaxing and calming program, which as colors will have blue with its hues and shades of purple, combined with a higher water temperature to promote muscle relaxation.

Chromotherapy shower: what are the additional benefits?

In addition to the well-known benefits for body and mind, having a chromotherapy shower at home definitely allows you to take advantage of an exclusive tool that we would only find inside a well-equipped spa. Especially during the winter season, knowing that you can enjoy all the benefits of a chromotherapy shower in your own home is definitely a treat: no risk of not finding a place at the spa, no car ride to get there. Everything takes place within the walls of your own home, without having to deal with the frigid temperatures outside!

In this regard, if mental and physical well-being fascinates you and you frequently frequent relaxation areas, then you definitely need to find out how to build a SPA at home.

Another benefit not to be underestimated is definitely the aesthetics it confers to have a chromotherapy shower inside your bathroom, or in your personal wellness area. Chromotherapy shower enclosures follow the trends of the moment, giving luxury and elegance to your bathroom, as well as an avant-garde touch thanks to the unique light and color technology that combines with the hydrotherapy of the water jets.

doccia cromoterapia

Above you can admire one of our creations: a chromotherapy shower with Newform steel shower head with rain jet, waterfall, atomizers and automatic multicolor lighting system. A real design component with strong and squared lines.

Our trusted brands

  • Cerasa
  • Cesana
  • IB Rubinetterie
  • Novellini
  • Zazzeri
Book a consultation and let us guide you in choosing your shower with chromotherapy: we are at your complete disposal to help you design your dream bathroom or the private spa area you've always wanted!

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