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Elegant indoor flooring: our tips for choosing!

December 29, 2023

Have you always dreamed of a house with an elegant style? One of those homes that you have always admired in magazines or blogs on the internet, where sophistication reigns, where every detail is taken care of and where you imagine spending time with your family. If this type of home has always made its way into your hearts but you do not know what type of flooring to lay for an elegant home, then you are in the right place!

Today we will see together which elegant indoor floors are best for building a refined and stylish home, without ever sacrificing practicality!

Elegant porcelain stoneware floors for interiors

Certainly one of the most fashionable materials in recent years is porcelain tile, a very popular and popular choice for its great versatility and practicality, as well as absolute durability, but also for the endless variety of different colors and textures to choose from. Porcelain tile has completely revolutionized the concept of flooring, being able to perfectly imitate more expensive and luxurious floorings, such as wood and marble, and provides a great advantage to all those who are designing homes: its compatibility with underfloor heating!

There are different types of porcelain floor tiles for interiors, and if your idea is to create an elegant atmosphere, the effects we suggest you evaluate are three: marble effect, wood effect and stone effect. Let's see them together!

elegant marble effect floor

Porcelain Stoneware Marble Effect Floor Coverings

This is one of the most beloved effects ever to dress up the floor of an elegant home thanks to the various shades to choose from. Opting for a marble-effect porcelain stoneware floor means choosing elegance in its purest state, precisely because marble has always been associated in the common imagination with the concept of luxury, preciousness and, in a certain sense, exclusivity.

You will only have to think of the luxurious villas that we are often shown in movies, or you may have happened to browse through some magazine, to realize that very often homes with an elegant style feature beautiful floors, or wall tiles, made of marble in the most varied shades.

You only need to take a look at the proposals of our consultants to choose the colors that best suit your idea of an elegant and refined home: from classic white to shades in natural colors, arriving at darker ones tending toward black, for a truly refined style that is impeccable in all respects.

elegant wood effect floor

Wood Effect Porcelain Floor Tiles

On the other hand, if you are wood lovers, but choosing a parquet floor is not within your budget, opting for wood-effect porcelain tile is always a great solution! Precisely because of its great practicality and functionality, wood-effect flooring is one of the most loved, even by planners and interior designers.

With a wide choice of colors, the grain that perfectly replicates the natural grain of a real parquet floor, and the type of tiles, wood-effect stoneware flooring will be the perfect partner for creating an environment that instantly exudes elegance and sophistication. Very easy to lay and clean, you will find that this type of material will have all the credentials to become the perfect choice for your home, without ever lacking the look of a wood floor.

elegant stone effect floor

Stone Effect Porcelain Stoneware Flooring

We come to the quintessential queen of elegance: stone. Porcelain stoneware, we have seen, is an extremely ductile material, which is precisely why it was not at all difficult to bring to life the stone-effect floor that perfectly emulates natural stone.

The charm of a faux stone floor is unparalleled, especially when it comes to elegance and refined ambience: it is a flooring with eternal charm, which never runs the risk of getting tired and which alone can furnish a room, without the need for special coverings or furniture to give it an extra touch. We recommend it especially to those who wish to achieve a minimal, albeit modern and elegant style at the same time.

Get advice from our experts, they will be able to guide you in choosing the perfect stone effect floor!

Elegant wooden floor

Another extremely elegant choice for one's home is definitely parquet flooring. It is a material that always manages to win everyone over, thanks to the warmth it exudes and the atmosphere it is able to recreate.

The wood has revolutionized the concept of elegance, and we recommend it to those seeking a more contemporary and versatile solution. In particular, our proposals focus on fine wood, an option that is always popular and appreciated, solid wood floors or parquet.

Creating a sophisticated and refined environment will be extremely simple, and you will be able to choose from different essences, to adapt the floor to the type of furniture you dream of for your elegant home. Oliviero Pavimenti is a proud distributor of the Corà company, an international leader in wood floors and a reference point for all those who want a wood of absolute prestige and that will last over the years without losing its characteristics, which are able to make it unique and inimitable.

elegant wooden floor

Elegant indoor flooring prices

A key point to analyze at the design stage is definitely that of price. Among our proposals, we have seen solutions that manage to please everyone, both those who have a more limited budget at their disposal and those who have the possibility of laying a very high-end floor.

Although the price range is different between a parquet floor and a porcelain floor, the final cost depends on multiple variables that need to be taken into account: the type of effect chosen for stoneware or essence for wood, the type of tile and the type of wood, the installation... Each project is unique, precisely because unique is each home that our consultants follow.

We invite you to book a consultation with us - it will be our pleasure to help you choose the perfect elegant floor for your future home!

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