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ESPC flooring: discover Astrology by Corà!

December 20, 2023

Ours is a sector in continuous revolution, which makes constant research its credo: whether it is flooring and wall coverings or bathroom furnishings, evolution in the field of construction and interior design is always at the heart of the priorities of the brands that Oliviero has chosen to propose to you. One of them is certainly Corà, a particularly prestigious and internationally recognised wood flooring brand.

In today's in-depth look at the newcomer in the Corà household, Astrology, the ESPC floor that will certainly revolutionise your idea of flooring, offering numerous advantages without making you give up the warmth and atmosphere that only wood flooring can offer.

Astrology by Corà, the ESPC vinyl floor par excellence

Differences between SPC and ESPC floors

The first question we have to ask ourselves is surely this: what is the difference between SPC and ESPC floors?

Let's take a step back. In the world of so-called 'technical' flooring, there are different types of solutions and they are classified according to their quality and composition:

  1. At the base of the pyramid is PVC flooring, a form of synthetic flooring using polyvinyl chloride as the main material. This type of flooring is widely used in residential, office and even industrial settings.
  2. Then, moving up a level, we find LVT floors, also known as Luxury Vinyl Tile, which imitate the look of wood and stone very well.
  3. spc floors, on the other hand, guarantee greater quality and durability. they are still very popular thanks to the variety of effects such as wood, stone, resin and marble and the extremely quick and easy installation.

So, in relation to SPC floors, what are the differences?

First of all, we have to consider that the ESPC floor covering is regarded as the spearhead of the entire vinyl floor covering category, due to its numerous qualities: lightness but extreme strength and resilience, as well as broad flexibility.

ESPC and SPC share a common structure consisting of several layers and several materials together, including stone powder. Compared to SPC, the ESPC Astrology version has two additional layers of PVC to improve both floor appearance and comfort. The acoustic insulation is thus even more efficient, eliminating the trampling sensation we would experience when walking on a plastic floor.

We can therefore say that an ESPC is the more evolved version of the SPC, which in turn is more evolved than the LVT floor, as this revolutionary type of engineered floor combines the best features of its predecessors, and goes so far as to meet important needs that were left unmet in the less avant-garde versions.

ESPC floor: discover Astrology by Corà! - table ita

ESPC Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring: What are the benefits of Astrology?

So, now that we are aware of the classification of the various types of technical flooring, what are the concrete advantages that Astrology, Corà's revolutionary ESPC flooring, offers?

It is much quieter than its competitors and, above all, more resistant, even though it weighs 20% less than traditional SPC and vinyl floors: this latter aspect is the key to the revolution and all credit is due to the cutting-edge structure that makes up the planks. Not to mention its safety and hygiene: stains are not absorbed, joints are permanently eliminated and consequently liquids do not penetrate, thus also preventing the build-up of moisture.

Another advantage that makes it truly unique? The dry installation with click joints, which is also feasible on pre-existing flooring thanks to its low thickness!

In short, the perfect floor to dress up busy spaces, such as public buildings, offices, shops that absolutely do not want to renounce the beauty and elegance of wood. A beautiful solution that you can also adopt in your own home thanks to the fine details that visually will not make you miss the charm of parquet laid on the floor at all.

ESPC floor: discover Astrology by Corà! - Astrology img

ESPC floors: colours and shades

Our credo has always been to offer you solutions of the highest quality that allow you to concretely see your project take shape, whatever the style of your home and your tastes. Astrology is the ideal flooring partner also thanks to the wide range of colours to choose from, each of them correlated to a sign of the zodiac.

You can choose between the dark tones of the Taurus and Aries variants, which are reminiscent of earthy nuances and can lend a touch of timeless elegance to your rooms. Or you can decide to brighten up your environment by opting for the light tones of Libra, Gemini and Leo, which will make your home more modern. If, on the other hand, you are a lover of classic style, then we offer you Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio shades. You have at your disposal a rich colour palette with shades from brown to natural and even white to suit any interior style you desire!

Did you know that even vinyl parquet flooring can promise you the charm of a plugged floor? Thanks to Corà's patented plug system, recreating a classic-style environment will be extremely simple, resulting in a traditional floor but with a modern twist thanks to the brand's colour variants. Ask our consultants which colour nuances can be laid in Italian spina!

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