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Garden relaxation area: how to build your own private oasis of peace

June 11, 2024

Having an outdoor relaxation area in your home is a dream shared by many people: a perfect, accommodating retreat where you can unplug and rejuvenate. Imagine being able to come home after a long day at work and finally immerse yourself in an in-ground mini-pool, surrounded by an elegant wood or stoneware floor, with the added comfort of an outdoor shower column where you can rinse off and then tan in the sun or read a book in peace.

This scenario is not only so coveted for improving the quality of your life, but also because it can significantly increase the value of your property if, tomorrow, you wanted to sell your home at a favorable price and without losing out.

In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to create your own private backyard oasis of peace, with a focus on flooring, mini-pools, shower columns, and, if you don't have a green corner at your disposal, a high-quality synthetic grass alternative to embellish your outdoor spaces and make them unique.

Relaxation in the garden: choose the perfect floor for your outdoors

Choosing the right flooring is critical to ensuring both the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor seating area. At Oliviero Flooring, we at Oliviero Flooring have made available to you a wide range of outdoor flooring options with the goal of meeting every need and aesthetic style of your space.

But what are the best options for creating a relaxation area in the garden? We have selected two solutions for you that will provide you with a floor that is durable over the years, easy to maintain and has an over-the-top aesthetic. Let's see them together!

wood decking

Outdoor Wood Decking

Wood decking is an excellent option for those looking for a floor that combines aesthetics and durability, perfect for use outdoors as poolside flooring or for green corners. At Oliviero, we have also chosen to rely on the Corà brand for this type of outdoor wood flooring, offering our customers the Techwood Lounge 2.0 composite wood decking, which offers several advantages:

  1. Weather resistance: wood decking is the ideal choice for anyone who wants a wood effect even outdoors, thanks to its structural characteristics that make it resistant to rain, sun and moisture.
  2. Low maintenance: laying wood decking outdoors means having the guarantee of a floor that does not need constant and special maintenance. Unlike natural wood, composite decking does not require annual treatments to maintain its beauty and integrity, significantly reducing costs.
  3. Sustainability: Corà's Techwood Lounge 2.0, in particular, is a product made from recycled materials, thus an environmentally friendly and sustainability-conscious option that does not sacrifice quality in any way.
porcelain stoneware 20mm

Porcelain Stoneware Thickness 20 mm by Panaria

Another highly recommended and evergreen option is definitely porcelain tile. For outdoor environments, we recommend Panaria's 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware: very thin but extremely durable, as well as elegant and sophisticated in any of its effects. This product offers many advantages, but the main ones are:

  1. Exceptional durability: porcelain stoneware is known and appreciated for its incredible resistance to wear, scratches and stains, guaranteeing you a long service life.
  2. Versatile in style and color: Porcelain stoneware's wide range of colors and finishes can give you ways to replicate the look of natural materials, such as wood and stone, as well as concrete if you prefer a more industrial style.
  3. Ease of maintenance: this material will be extremely easy to maintain over time, and you can wash it with an appropriate cleaner very easily.

Learn more about outdoor concrete flooring options or other outdoor flooring available from Oliviero Flooring and schedule a free consultation with our experts!

Relaxation Corner in the Garden: which mini pool to choose?

A spa in the garden is the touch of class that can really transform a simple outdoor space into a true oasis of well-being. Whether it's a large garden or just a corner used as an outdoor wellness area, our catalog has several models for you to choose from: square or round minipools, two-seater spas or larger sizes, all equipped with Ghost Technology and, if you wish, with functional, state-of-the-art options to add.

Whatever your choice, Oliviero Pavimenti's mini-pools from the prestigious Treesse brand are designed to offer maximum comfort and style.

treesse minipool

All models of outdoor spas have the option of being in-ground, so you can offer the possibility of building your garden relaxation area while taking advantage of some essential benefits:

  1. Aesthetics and harmonious integration with your space: in-ground spas blend seamlessly into the garden environment, creating a harmonious effect, as if there were a natural pool of water in your outdoor area.
  2. Ease of access: positioned at ground level, they offer easier access than above-ground pools and this is an important aspect, as it makes them usable and accessible to people of all ages.

Outdoor spaces will become your favorite once you install a spa: you'll embellish your home by creating a relaxing garden corner perfect for relieving the stress of the day or enjoying a hot tub with friends! Learn all about Treesse spas and explore the options available!

Creating a Relaxation Corner in the Garden: Insert a Shower Column

The addition of an outdoor shower column is an element that significantly improves the functionality and comfort of garden relaxation corners, especially if you have installed a spa to be used comfortably during your moments of relaxation. Two of the most renowned brands in this area and part of our supplier catalog are Zazzeri and Newform, both of which are known for their over-the-top designs and outstanding product quality.

Zazzeri outdoor shower columns are designed to be not only functional but also a decorative element of the garden, perfectly combining aesthetics and practicality. Made from high-quality materials, they withstand the elements and prolonged use. Newform shower columns are synonymous with innovation and design, equipped with state-of-the-art features such as water-saving systems and adjustable jets.

outdoor shower column

Installing an outodoor shower column is a winning choice to allow you to fully enjoy your private wellness area: you will be able to get out of your mini-pool, rinse right away, without having to go back in the house, and enjoy the sun on the lounger. Contact us for a consultation: based on your needs, we will recommend the most suitable shower column!

Relaxation area in the garden: high-quality synthetic grass

If you don't have a green area in your outdoor space, you can still consider laying a synthetic grass mat: a very practical and functional solution that is also aesthetic. Tenax offers high-quality synthetic lawns that are ideal for creating an ever-perfect green area.

To bring your green corner of relaxation and well-being to life, we recommend that you choose a high-quality synthetic grass that matches the other design elements you will be inserting. Tenax is a prestigious brand dedicated to producing beautifully crafted fake grass turf, designed down to the smallest detail to mimic natural grass to perfection, offering you great advantages in terms of maintenance, which you will no longer have to perform, and durability, whatever the weather!

artificial grass

How to create a small relaxation corner? Oliviero Flooring takes care of that!

Building a relaxation area in your garden is an investment that pays off in terms of well-being and added value to your home, as we have seen. Whether you choose an elegant teak wood or porcelain tile floor, a relaxing in-ground spa, or a functional shower column, each element contributes to a personal piece of paradise.

Book an appointment in the showroom now to shape your project, we are waiting for you!

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