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Indoor minipools: your indoor relaxation corner.

September 14, 2023

Summer has now come to an end, and surely the sensations that will make us regret it, with the onset of the cold season, are those of the water bathing our skin, the sunshine, the beautiful days that last a long time, the moments of sharing.

With the arrival of summer, one of the most common desires is to go swimming in the sea or in the pool, an activity that with winter is put on standby, waiting for the next beautiful season. What if we told you that it is possible to recreate a piece of paradise to be enjoyed all winter long right in your own home?

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Indoor hot tubs

Imagine coming home after a long day at work: the stress accumulated during the hours spent in the office and the cold temperatures outside can definitely affect your mood and physical well-being. What if the warm water of your indoor hot tub is waiting for you? Surely this is something that could change the fortunes of a typical winter workday in an instant!

Why have an indoor hot tub?

If you are considering installing an indoor hot tub, here are some good reasons to make your decision a reality!

  1. You can use it year-round: unlike outdoor spas, an indoor spa can be used any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions. This makes it possible to relax and entertain in the pool even during the colder months.
  2. You can protect your privacy: with an indoor minipool, you will not be disturbed by the prying eyes of neighbors or outside noise while you are in total relaxation. For an all-around relaxing and private experience.
  3. Fits the design of your home: Treesse indoor minipools come in a variety of shapes and colors, giving you the option to choose the one that best suits the style of your home. No detail should be left to chance, especially since a spa often serves as a true design element.
  4. You can also practice sports: some indoor minipools have countercurrent swimming features, which allows you to exercise in the water without the need for an outdoor space. This is useful for fitness and rehabilitation!
  5. Easier hygiene and maintenance: an indoor hot tub is definitely easier to manage in terms of cleaning and maintenance than outdoor pools, this is because it is less exposed to debris, leaves, and weather that could deteriorate the materials in the long run.
  6. Give your home more value: if you choose to add an indoor minipool to your home, and if it is well designed and of high quality, it can increase the overall value of your home, should you want to sell it in the future.
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Indoor spa: what about the price?

Installing an indoor spa in your home is definitely an investment that has no small impact, of course, but it is certainly not a project with an impractical economic value!

The cost of an indoor spa depends first of all on the size: are you looking for a two-person minipool? Or do you want a minipool that can accommodate up to 6 people? Next, it is important to choose the shape: do you prefer a round minipool or rectangular minipool?

Treesse indoor minipools also offer multiple pluses to consider, such as chromotherapy, a truly incredible option that allows you to immediately add an extra touch to your home relaxation moments. Thanks to the combination of colored, soft lights and the relaxing power of the whirlpool, restoring mental and physical well-being will become your daily pampering, we are sure!

Every project for Oliviero is special and personalized: the aspects to be evaluated, as you have seen, are really many. Ask for a custom quote, we will be happy to help you create the perfect indoor relaxation area for your home!

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