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Resin Cladding in the Kitchen: Style, Durability and Ease of Maintenance

August 10, 2023

Let's find out why resin kitchens are a great choice for your home!

Wall coverings in the kitchen play a central role in the appearance and functionality of the space. Choosing the right material can transform an ordinary, mundane kitchen into a welcoming space full of personality.

Ceramic and tile are synonymous with durability and flexibility, laminate creates a modern ambiance, wood gives a natural look, and paint and adhesive tiles are undoubtedly creative and practical options. What about resin? The extreme versatility of this material and its almost infinite range of colors make it perfect for any style and need, even in the kitchen!

resin kitchen walls

What are the features of resin kitchen?

Resin kitchen coatings are gaining more and more popularity due to unique features and countless benefits. This type of cladding is made by applying a layer of resin to the surface, creating a durable and certainly fascinating finish.

The resistance of kitchen resin coatings to wear and tear is remarkable, making them ideal for high-traffic environments where falling objects, splashes and constant movement can be frequent. Resin in kitchens forms a protective barrier that prevents the penetration of stains and liquids, making them easier to clean and keeping the surface blemish-free over time.

Why choose Resin Cladding for the Kitchen?

The choice of resin kitchen floors or walls can be based on a number of significant advantages. Foremost among them is the remarkable resistance to wear and tear and staining that makes them ideal for the kitchen environment, where daily culinary activity can put a strain not only on the walls but also on the floors.

Second, the wide range of colors and finishes available allows the look of the kitchen to be totally customized to suit any design style. The durability of resin ensures that resin wall cladding retains its inherent beauty over time, thus reducing the need for replacement or repair. Finally, ease of cleaning and maintenance is no small advantage, helping to keep the kitchen neat and flawless with little effort.

Still not convinced? In this article you can find out all the pros and cons of resin floors!

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How to clean a resin wall or floor in the kitchen?

As anticipated a moment ago, one of the best qualities of resin wall coverings in the kitchen is the ease of cleaning and maintenance they offer. To clean a resin floor or wall in the kitchen, one can use a soft cloth or a nonabrasive sponge dampened with warm water and neutral detergents. However, the use of harsh chemicals that could damage the finish and lead to deterioration of the materials should be avoided.

When finished cleaning the resin floor or wall, it is recommended to rinse well with clean water to remove any soap residue and dry thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth. These practices, if done regularly, will help maintain the appearance of the resin coating in the kitchen even as time passes.

What is the Difference between a kitchen resin coating and microcement?

One of the main questions that arise when considering resin coatings for the kitchen is the difference between resin and microcement. Resin is a synthetic substance that can be applied in transparent or colored layers on the surface.

In contrast, microcement is a mixture of cement, polymers, additives and pigments that is applied evenly and then sanded to create a continuous finish. Both have the ability to provide a modern and sophisticated look, but in slightly different ways. Resin tends to create a smoother, shinier surface, while microcement infuses a more rustic look and rougher texture.

So if you are looking to achieve an elegant and clean environment, resin kitchen siding is for you!

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Resin coatings for kitchen: Kerakoll takes care of it!

The new Color Collection from KeraKoll, a leading international building company that we have chosen as our main supplier for grouts, resins and paints, offers a complete range of eco-friendly decorative paints and resins for kitchen floors and walls.

With a palette of 150 contemporary colors and 15 textural textures, KeraKoll's Color Collection kitchen wall resins will suit any of your projects-from the most contemporary and refined to the most minimal and colorful.

Versatile, durable and eco-friendly, KeraKoll kitchen wall resin can transform your kitchen into a truly unique environment that can represent and inspire you every day.

And if you are thinking of using resin floors for your other spaces as well, read this article on resin floors for the bathroom!

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