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Furnishing the laundry room at home: useful ideas and advice!

March 7, 2023

Who does not dream of a practical and functional laundry room? Laundry room in the home is the desire of many, but it is not always easy to organize the space effectively, while achieving an aesthetically pleasing result. So how to make an elegant and versatile laundry room?

Whether you have a dedicated room or a space carved out of the bathroom or hallway, a large part of the project revolves around appliances: the washer-dryer combination has now become essential, although the dimensions are often bulky. That's why really ingenious furniture solutions are needed to create the laundry area in the home. Here are our proposals!

lavanderia organizzata

Home laundry furniture: the column cabinet

When looking for a laundry room furniture solution in the home, people often choose a column cabinet to fit the washer and dryer. This type of laundry room furniture is ideal when space is tight and you want to stack appliances.

Not only that, a pedestal cabinet can consist of convenient pull-out shelves. This is because it serves not only as storage for appliances but also as a cabinet to be able to cram detergents, cleaning products in general but also clothes waiting to be ironed.

At Oliviero we can provide you with various types of laundry room furniture: you can choose the model, finish, color and material. We are here to guide you in making the best choice to furnish your space!

Laundry FloorING and WALL CLADDING

Once you have chosen the ideal furniture solutions for your home laundry room, you must also carefully choose flooring and wall coverings. Which materials are most suitable? How to combine styles and colors?

Porcelain wall cladding with various effects, such as wood effect, can be an elegant and up-to-date solution. You can also consider a resin wall or floor covering with a particular color, to give a lively touch to the room.

Remember that the laundry room is a space that is subject to moisture, steam and water, elements that can affect the durability of floors and walls over time. The laundry room, similarly to the bathroom, therefore needs special solutions, and in this regard we invite you to take a look at the best floor and wall coverings to choose for wet rooms.

For a unique and special project, the furniture and wall coverings chosen should give visual balance to your laundry room, which, with our help, will become an organized and optimized space, without having to give up aesthetics.

Once the space is defined, you can indulge in your choice of laundry room wall tiles and furniture.

Patterned cement or colored resin wall tiles, wood-effect porcelain tiles or tiles with a raised effect. Fiberglass-coated wallpaper, perfect for spaces where there is water, moisture and steam.

All combined with elegant, functional and designer furniture solutions.

Tell us about your laundry project and let's realize it together.

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