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Luxury bathroom: how to create a luxury bathroom

February 27, 2024

Having a luxurious bathroom in the home is the dream and aspiration of many. The bathroom, within the home environment, has always represented a very personal and intimate space, where the personality of the host is often expressed through the choice of bathroom furniture down to the smallest details.

If your home possesses an elegant and refined style, then you are surely thinking about creating a luxury bathroom. In this in-depth look together we will see what our proposals are to bring to life a truly unique space that can feel truly yours, from A to Z.

luxury bathroom

How to furnish a luxury bathroom?

Furnishing a luxury bathroom is an experience that goes beyond mere functionality, transforming this space into a haven of sophisticated elegance and comfort.

Sophisticated materials for the bathroom

First of all, it is important to understand what materials you will want inside your luxury bathroom: usually, for this type of bathroom you opt for marble, granite or fine wood, but you can also use neutral and more sophisticated shades of porcelain stoneware, choosing sophisticated effects such as stone.

Luxury bathroom furniture

The bathroom furniture should be sophisticated and sophisticated, while ensuring functionality and practicality. Oliviero offers you renowned and reliable brands that have always stood out for their style and elegance, such as Gessi and Antonio Lupi: both brands offer a wide range of design solutions, from washbasins to bathtubs, capable of combining practicality with elegance. Book your consultation in the showroom to kick off your project!

luxurious bathroom

Luxury bathroom faucets

Details make all the difference, especially when we are designing a luxurious environment. Taking care of the faucets is one of the key steps to give personality and add a sophisticated touch to the environment. We are distributors of top brands, such as Paffoni, which can provide you with solutions that are functional but aesthetically look like real works of art.

Sophisticated lighting for luxury bathrooms

A self-respecting modern and sophisticated luxury bathroom must have well-curated lighting: it is essential to create the right atmosphere for the room to be visually impactful and instantly captivating. Choose beautifully designed lamps and install LED lighting to enhance the key elements of your luxury bathroom.

Mirrors and accessories for luxurious bathrooms

Designer mirrors are the ideal solution if you own a small bathroom and want to visually expand the space, as well as serve perfectly as decorative elements. Luxury bathroom furniture brands such as Newform, for example, offer mirrors that are true pieces of art, combining functionality and style.

Accessories also play a crucial role, especially in a luxury bathroom. Carefully choosing soap dishes, towel racks and other details means going to enhance the ambiance even more. Our suggestion? Opt for coordinating elements that blend seamlessly with the overall style of your luxury bathroom.

how to create a luxury bathroom

Luxurious bathroom: better bath or shower?

When designing a luxury bathroom, the choice between bathtub and shower is a key decision, as they offer different experiences, and the choice will also depend on your personal preferences as well as the space available.

The bathtub, a symbol of relaxation and indulgence, is the gem that can transform your bathroom into a space of extra luxury. Renowned designer brands such as Antonio Lupi, for example, offer high-quality bathtubs with very elegant shapes and fine materials that instantly communicate luxury and prestige. In addition, a bathtub should be considered the best ally for indulging in a moment of total relaxation, especially during a dreary winter day!

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On the other hand, however, the shower is a more practical, everyday choice that can also, of course, be luxurious. Advanced shower systems, such as those offered by brands like Gessi and Newform, perfectly combine cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design, giving you a product that is functional but also beautiful to look at. Showers with customizable water jets, chromatic lights, and touch screen controls can transform your shower into a high-end spa experience: read our in-depth article on chromotherapy showering on this subject!

The final decision should be made with special consideration of your lifestyle, personal preferences, and the space you have available. In any case, with our advice, you will still succeed in your goal of designing a luxurious bathroom!

Quanto costa fare un bagno di lusso?

When thinking about the design of modern and luxurious bathrooms there is always the consideration that budget is a key issue.

The choice of fine materials, such as marble, certainly involves an increase in the final price and aftercare that will require special care and periodic interventions. Choosing luxury bathroom furniture also involves an expense of a certain kind, especially when you decide to opt for premium brands.

In any case, whatever your starting budget, we at Oliviero Pavimenti will always have the best solution to offer you. Relying on professionals for projects of this kind is crucial: it allows you to understand from the very beginning which is the best direction to take and to get the best possible result. Schedule your free consultation now at our Showroom!

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How to make a luxury bathroom? How much does a luxury bathroom cost? We are here to answer all your questions!

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