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Metal effect porcelain tiles

February 5, 2024

Metal-effect porcelain tile is definitely one of the most fashionable solutions in recent years. It is a type of flooring that brings back all the advantageous features of a stoneware floor, such as resistance and ease of maintenance, combined with the beautiful metal effect, which goes to give a touch of originality and modernity to domestic environments.

This is a type of porcelain tile that can be adapted both indoors, as a floor or wall tile if you want to achieve a special effect, and outdoors to make outdoor environments unique.

metallic stoneware

Why choose metal effect stoneware?

Among the various effects available, wood, marble, stone, resin and concrete, the metal effect tile is certainly the most distinctive and best suited to those who wish to achieve a modern decorating style with a touch of light, given by the golden, bronze and silvery shades typical of metals.

Since this is porcelain tile, it is important to highlight how this type of material is extremely easy to clean, versatile and durable over the years. These are definitely the three characteristics that make porcelain tiles the best allies for a successful flooring choice!

In addition, metal tiles are very ductile because they can be used both as flooring for rooms that we want to make unique and special, but also as wall tiles to create corners and details rich in style and originality.

How to match the metallic effect stoneware?

Metalized effect tiles manage to decorate your home without too much effort, thanks to their beautiful shades and their ability to reflect light. However, if you want to make the most of their aesthetic potential to make your rooms unique, we provide some decorating tips that will help you totally enhance iron or metal effect stoneware.

metal tiles

Neutral colors and minimal style furniture

To enhance the metal-effect porcelain stoneware you can choose neutral colors for your home walls, such as white, light gray or beige if your design footprint tends to be minimalist. By reducing the number of pieces of furniture you will also be able to make the metal effect the absolute star!

iron effect stoneware

Metal details to recall tiles

Design accessories such as lamps, mirrors and doorknobs can be key elements that connect perfectly with the effect you choose for your metallic tiles because they create a sense of continuity and consistency, whether on a floor or a wall.

metal effect porcelain stoneware

Contrasting textures to balance the environment

Metal-effect porcelain tile tends to be very hard visually, iron and metal being raw, industrial materials. How can you intervene by trying to soften and balance the feel? By playing with textures and fabrics that visually communicate the opposite feeling!

Introducing soft, long-pile carpets, fluffy pillows and fluffy curtains that help soften the lines can be a good strategy.

gres effetto metallo

Contrast metal and natural wood effect

The interplay of contrasts, as we have just seen, can prove to be a really good choice to highlight the metal effect floor. By juxtaposing natural wood furniture elements, a few plants or green elements that echo nature and the earth, you can warm up the room considerably, creating a truly unique atmosphere.

metal effect stoneware wall tiles

Light play and strategic lighting

Have you chosen metal effect wall coverings? As we have seen, this is an apt choice if you want to create trendy details in our rooms. The metal effect possesses the great plus of reflecting light independently, creating a beautiful illuminating effect on the wall.

But if we wanted to push this feature, accentuating its distinctiveness, we could always think of strategically illuminating the tiles with directed spotlights to create really impressive light spots!

stoneware tiles metal

Decoration and color to environments

To enhance metal effect tiles you can consider playing with details, color and art. Modern artwork or distinctive photography prints can really help make your rooms a real treat. Not only that, you can also play with color through design components: a colorful sofa, a distinctive table, an extravagant rug. Set your imagination free!

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