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Mini countercurrent swimming pool: sports and wellness at the comfort of your home.

October 26, 2023

Are you a swimmer or more simply do you like to exercise and keep in shape? What if we told you that there is a solution that manages to combine wellness and sport in a single, and moreover small, space that you can install directly in your home? The answer to all your desires could be a mini countercurrent swimming pool!

A countercurrent swimming pool is a type of pool designed to allow swimming in small spaces by taking advantage of an artificial current that creates resistance to the swimmer's progress. This technology allows for comprehensive and exhaustive training, simulating lane swimming but remaining stationary at all times.

Countercurrent swimming pools: the pleasure of fitness in your home.

Countercurrent swimming has multiple benefits, both for our bodies and our minds. On a psychological level, it is a sport that can release stress very easily, performing an almost purifying action for the mind, concentrated in the meantime to ensure that the body performs at its best.

With a countercurrent swimming pool you can improve greatly increase your training, going to affect particular aspects that are crucial for an athlete:

  • Cardiovascular training: with a countercurrent swimming pool you greatly improve the health of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system by improving blood flow and promoting lung capacity.
  • Muscle strengthening: swimming against the current, due to the strength of the water current, requires more muscle effort than traditional swimming in the pool. Training in countercurrent swimming mini-pools therefore contributes to the improvement of muscle tone, going to increase the performance of legs, arms, shoulders and abdomen. A total body workout!
  • Improved technique: with a countercurrent swimming pool you also improve swimming technique, since countercurrent, or stationary, swimming requires constant effort to maintain the correct position, helping you to perfect coordination as well as posture.
  • Keeping fit: swimming against the current is an absolutely effective way to lose weight, due to the large energy expenditure that this type of physical activity requires.

Mini swimming pools with countercurrent swimming prices

Treesse, an Italian brand with an international reputation thanks to its fantastic catalog of indoor and outdoor spas, offers Acquarun, the rectangular countercurrent swimming spa, ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, thanks to the heating of the water.

How much can a countercurrent pool cost? The price is variable and always depends on what optional extras, in addition to the standard equipment, you want to add to the product. Every user, or swimmer, is different, and different are the needs that lead to choosing your perfect countercurrent swimming pool. Ask for a quote from our consultants, we will be happy to help you choose!

Mini swimming pool countercurrent swimming for outdoor

Not only a suitable solution for indoor spaces, our countercurrent swimming pools are also a perfect fit for your outdoor environments!

A countercurrent pool, in order to allow you to perform the strokes properly and maintain good posture during the workout, have a specific length and width, measurements that may be too large for a room inside the house. Fortunately, Acquarun by Treesse can also be placed on a terrace, if spacious, or in the garden.

Working out outdoors using the full potential of your countercurrent swimming pool will give you truly unique moments of relaxation and all-around fitness!

Our trusted brands

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