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If you are thinking of creating a private relaxation area inside or outside your home, then you should definitely consider installing a whirlpool spa! This is a true wellness ally that will greatly increase the value of your home while also offering a significant aesthetic upgrade. Ideal for a relaxation session with friends, for couples but also solo moment, spa tubs are particularly in trend for their features and great benefits.

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Choosing one's mini hot tub is dictated by several factors, and one should always ask the right questions: are you looking for an indoor or outdoor mini hot tub? Do you prefer 2-person mini hot tubs or a 6-person hot tub? There are so many variables when thinking about how to choose a spa. Oliviero is here to help you with your decision, offering Treesse brand models of the highest quality, equipped with the latest technology and configurable with all the options you've always dreamed of.

Acquarun - aquarun copertina 500X500 90 C
510 x 235 x 142 CM

The rectangular counter-current swim spa

treesse minipiscina fusion spa treesse
200 X 67h

The elegance of perfection.

minipiscina treesse fusion spa
230 x 180 x 67 CM

The perfect balance between beauty and well-being.

Fusion Active 230 - fusion active 230 500X500 90 C
230 X 200 X 67h

Unbeatable comfort and style in your home.

Rest - rest sc 500X500 90 C
240 x 195 x 85 CM

Simple and streamlined modern design.

Zen Active - zen active sc 500X500 90 C
300 x 235 x 85 CM

Designed to meet all your needs.

minipiscina treesse zen
280 x 235 x 85 CM

Rectangular spa with Ghost System hydromassage.

Maya GP - maya gp sc 500X500 90 C 1
260 x 205 x 95 CM

A unique and complete relaxation experience for maximum comfort.

Muse GP - muse gp sc 500X500 90 C 1
280 X 235 X 98 CM

A true flagship for your total relaxation and personal well-being.

Shadow - shadow sc 500X500 90 C 1
200 X 160 X 82h

Spa with Ghost System hydromassage with minimalist design and incredible versatility

Phantom - phantom sc 500X500 90 C 1
235 x 235 x 98 CM

An unrivalled total relaxation experience that will leave you speechless.

Heaven - heaven trequarti 500X500 90 C
210 X 210 X 86 CM

Maximum relaxation with Ghost Plus hydromassage, airpool and chromotherapy.

Outdoor mini whirlpools

Want to make your garden or terrace truly exclusive? Choose from our outdoor mini whirlpools the one you prefer and create your own personalized relaxation area. An outdoor mini whirlpool is the ideal solution to enjoy the benefits of water both during summer and winter, thanks to the temperature regulation. Let yourself be won over by the pleasant sensations, the soothing sound and the sense of peace and well-being that only whirlpool mini pools can give you.

You will be able to enjoy your moment of pure relaxation in the open air: outdoor spas are made of materials that are resistant to the sun and wear and tear, guaranteeing you a tool that does not require too complicated and expensive maintenance. Choose where to place it and kick off your project!

Indoor Minipools

Recreating a private spa inside your home will be a breeze with our indoor whirlpool spa proposals. Luxurious to the eye and super functional, they can instantly add a touch of design to your indoor environments, becoming a truly essential partner in promoting the well-being of your body and mind.

One of the great pluses of indoor spas is definitely that you can use them whenever you want, regardless of adverse weather conditions. You can enjoy your precious moment of relaxation right in your own home, without booking into some outdoor spa, risking not finding a place or being disturbed by strangers. A real treat for all wellness lovers!

2-seater whirlpool mini pools

Whether you want to experience your own solo spa session or take advantage of a gloomy day for a relaxing couple's session, a 2-seater mini whirlpool is definitely the solution for you! Also perfect for those who do not have large rooms, 2-seater mini pools are great for placement in various rooms of the house: a special room, in the bango and addittura in the bedroom!

Among our proposals you will definitely appreciate Fusion Active by Treesse, the outdoor and indoor spa that is perfect for couples and small in size, equipped with the exclusive Ghost Plus system that will make the whirlpool invisible, for a truly unparalleled aesthetic result!

If, on the other hand, you wish to install a round spa, we recommend Fusion SPA 200, the pinnacle of circular spas that, thanks to an overall diameter of 200 cm, manages to give luxury and design to the environment.

Are you fascinated by infinity pools? The Fusion SPA 230 is the indoor and outdoor infinity pool from Treesse that wins the hearts of so many. Always equipped with two stations, it will prove perfect for single or couple relaxation!

If you are a sportsman and want to keep yourself in a constant workout, know that Treesse has developed the Acquarun model, the super innovative countercurrent swimming pool that has been designed down to the last detail. The benefits of swimming against the current are truly manifold, and having a tool of this caliber in your home will help you maintain consistency, as well as avoid constant trips to the communal pool, which is often too crowded and busy to guarantee you an optimal workout.

3- and 4-seater whirlpool spas

This is the category of mid-size whirlpools, offering the opportunity to share a relaxing break in the company of your friends or family. Among our proposals you will find the Shadow spa, which, thanks to Marc Sadler's design imprint and innovative Ghost Plus technology, ranks as one of the best and most versatile solutions to install at home. Fully customizable, even in the number of hydromassage jets, it will be a real pleasure to immerse yourself in its entirety and share moments of well-being with friends!

If, on the other hand, you want the ultimate in comfort and technology, your ideal spa can definitely be the Heaven model, equipped as standard with many exclusive features: led chromotherapy, for an amplified sensory experience, 16 traditional whirlpool jets and 14 whirlpool jets plus, for a more intense and performing massage. A really interesting feature is available upon request, namely Wi-Fi, and ozone disinfection. In short, this is a truly complete product that will validate your moments of rest and well-being.

Hot tub 6-seater

The ideal partner for those who want to create real moments of sharing and well-being is definitely a larger spa, which can accommodate even up to 7 people! Again, we at Oliviero can accommodate you by proposing different models that you can choose and customize according to your needs.

The 5-seater mini hot tub models you will find Zen by Treesse, a hot tub with automatic emptying and filling, ozone sanitization and integrated water level sensor. This mini whirlpool can accommodate up to 6 people and can be customized to your liking by inserting LEDs for color therapy, additional whirlpool jets and thermal cover to the outer side walls. What immediately wins you over about this model is definitely the clean and simple, yet still impressive design and the Ghost Plus system, which makes the whirlpool jets invisible.

Maya GP is another model that can be used by 5/6 people at the same time, featuring dark wood panels that make it visually very appealing. Also equipped with the Ghost Plus system and exclusive options, it is one of the most popular proposals for those looking for a tool that can become a true ally of well-being.

Another model that can hold up to 6 people is Phantom, a true Treesse flagship thanks to its exclusive overflow skimmer system with integrated recovery tank, which greatly impacts the aesthetics of the whirlpool spa, making it truly one-of-a-kind. In addition to the standard features, exclusive options can be added, such as color therapy on two levels, at the bottom of the pool and at the edge of the pool, for a super relaxing color experience.

Zen Active and Rest are other solutions we offer if you are looking for a capacious spa, with the option to install it built-in either indoors or outdoors. Both models have interesting and very useful functions: they can be upgraded with the addition of more whirlpool jets (especially on the Zen Active you can add additional jets on the chaise longue), for more intense stimulation, they can be equipped with lights for chromotherapy and pneumatic lift if you install them built-in.

But let's come to the larger models, where among our proposals for 7-seater mini whirlpools we find Muse GP, one of the most exclusive models, equipped with invisible whirlpool jets that alternate in size to move the water more, giving you an unparalleled massage. As possible options, again, we have chromotherapy, Wi-Fi module and airpool system on the seat.

How to clean a mini pool?

Mini-pools, also often referred to as Jacuzzis to generalize, depending on the price and the equipment you want to implenetrate, may have cleaning features such as ozone disinfection. However, it is necessary to proceed with a very simple manual cleaning to enjoy the instrument without worries. With a few cares, you can ensure a long life for these fantastic tools, here are our tips:

  • Empty the spa of water after disconnecting the electrical system.
  • Also have the water drained from the pipes, vents and, if present, the water recovery tank.
  • Clean the filters thoroughly to remove debris and dirt.
  • Wipe the inside shell with a soft damp cloth and a suitable, nonabrasive cleaner.
  • Dry the inside of the spa with a soft dry cloth.
  • Refill the tub after reinserting the previously washed filters.

If this is a seasonal cleaning, we recommend thoroughly and deeply cleaning filters and surfaces to ensure the performance of the spa later. Extra tip: If your hot tub is used often and by more people, so if you own a larger model, we recommend more frequent cleaning with sanitizing products.

We are at your disposal for any doubts or concerns!

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