Zen Active


Designed to meet all your needs.

300 x 235 x 85 CM
5/6 seats
From€ 19.850,00
Treesse Group

Zen Active

The Zen Active spa, created by the famous designer Marc Sadler. This incredible product has been designed to meet all your needs, whether you want to enjoy a moment of relaxation indoors or outdoors. The possibility of recessed or free-standing installation with fibreglass panelling or wood finish makes it a versatile option for any environment.

And that's not all!  The use of a thermal cover is highly recommended as it not only keeps the water at the desired temperature, but also protects it from dirt. Measuring 300x235xH85, Zen Active is equipped with an overflow system with integrated balancing tank, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

But the real gem of this product is the Ghost system, an exclusive Treesse patent. Designed by Marc Sadler, Ghost was created to make the spa experience even more exciting and unique. The technical hardware is concealed inside a thin perimeter slot, leaving the pool free of nozzles and external jets for an extremely clean design.

And let's not forget the effects of chromotherapy! The multi-coloured LED lighting magically transforms the water into a play of light and colour for an even more enveloping and unforgettable relaxation experience. I can't wait to make you experience the magic of Zen Active!

Standard equipment

  • Hydromassage jets 24
  • Automatic tub draining
  • Automatic tub filling system
  • Disinfection with ozone
  • Level sensor
  • Water recirculation system with cartridge filter
  • Heater with temperature adjustment


The Zen Active spa offers a number of additional options :

  • LED chromotherapy
  • Extra charge for 8 hydro jets kit + chromotherapy for chaise longue
  • Extra charge for 47 airpools on seat or for 16 hydromassage jets
  • Soft anthracite headrest cushion
  • Pneumatic lifter for recessed tub
  • Water treatment kit
  • Bottom suction system
  • Spare filter
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