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Parquet bedroom: the comfortable and refined rest

May 7, 2024

Parquet flooring is more than just a bedroom floor. It is a style statement, a choice that perfectly embodies one's desire for comfort, beauty and durability. If we pause to think about it, a bedroom with parquet instantly evokes a feeling of warmth and coziness that few other materials can offer. The secret lies in the nature of wood itself, a living and warm material that transforms the room into a more inviting and relaxing resting place, one that almost seems to caress the skin with every barefoot tread, adding a touch of naturalness and well-being to the way we experience our home environments.

Why choose parquet flooring for the bedroom?

When designing home flooring, opting for parquet flooring in the bedroom means deciding to prioritize three aspects that best characterize wood: comfort, unparalleled aesthetics and great functionality.

Wood, which as we have seen is a completely natural material, possesses several benefits that improve the quality of life within the home. What are the features that easily win over the undecided?

Definitely, in the first place, we find its ability to be inherently warm and cozy, making any environment more inviting. Comfort is felt not only through sight and touch but also through its thermal insulation properties. Whether during the cold winter period or the summer mugginess, parquet contributes to maintaining a comfortable climate inside the room. It also possesses a great sound-absorbing capacity that can dampen sounds and noises, creating a quiet and relaxing environment.

We cannot fail to mention the durability of parquet, another aspect that makes this flooring a high-profile solution. If treated properly, a parquet floor in the room can last for generations, keeping its beauty intact over time and increasing the aesthetic value of the home over the years.

As a last great advantage, but not least, we see the versatility of wood, which allows you to satisfy any decorative taste thanks to the wide range of finishes, colors and styles available. Whether your desire is to achieve a rustic-looking bedroom or a modern and essential one, there is always a parquet floor that can complement and elevate the aesthetics of any bedroom. Ask the experts at Oliviero Flooring to help you choose the best solution for you!

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Parquet flooring in the bedroom: the different wood species

The choice of wood essence is crucial in determining the character that the parquet floor will possess in the bedroom and the atmosphere that the floor will give the room. What are the most popular parquet essences of the moment?

Oak Parquet

Oak, for example, is one of the most chosen types of wood because of its great resilience and strong adaptability.An oak parquet floor always manages to blend in perfectly, whatever style you have decided to give your bedroom. It offers a perfect balance between hardness and aesthetics, thanks to its pronounced grain that adds depth and character to the floor.

Walnut Parquet

Walnut wood is famous for its deep, rich color. Laying a walnut parquet floor is the ideal choice if you want your room to have a rustic, warm yet elegant look. This wood is also perfect for those who want to give a touch of classic sophistication, capable of making the bedroom a more intimate and cozy environment.

Olive parquet

Ulivo wood essence represents a truly unique and characterful flooring choice for those who wish to infuse their bedroom with parquet flooring with a touch of originality and natural beauty. This wood, known for its strength and durability, is distinguished by its intricate grain patterns and warm tones ranging from yellow to dark brown, often enhanced by green hues.

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Bedrooms with parquet flooring: how to choose the right one

Choosing the ideal hardwood floor requires careful evaluation of many factors, especially when we are looking for the best solution for the bedroom floor.

First of all, there is the fact that the size and brightness of the room play a really crucial role in choosing the type of parquet flooring for the bedroom. For example, in a small or dimly lit room, a light wood such as a bleached oak can help make the space look optically larger and brighter. Conversely, in a larger, brighter room, a dark wood such as walnut can add a sense of luxury and coziness.

Wood finishes can range from ultra-glossy options to fully matte, each with its own aesthetic effect and its own type of maintenance ideal for preserving its beauty over time. The color of the wood is also very important, as it is the first feature that will be noticed of your parquet flooring in the bedroom: it is important that the whole, hence the furniture, flooring and coverings chosen, communicate harmony.

Finally, the method of laying parquet flooring is equally important and it is crucial to have expert advice, as depending on everyone's needs, the laying of parquet flooring can change: floating laying, for example, is ideal for those looking for practical and less permanent solutions, while glued laying offers a feeling of stability and permanence. Book your personalized consultation now!

Oliviero Flooring: your parquet flooring expert for the bedroom

The experts at Oliviero Flooring are waiting for you to visit the showroom, where you can personally explore the wide range of options available to carefully choose parquet flooring for your bedroom. Fill out the form below and schedule an appointment with us now-it will be an honor to guide you through your project!

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