Porcelain Stoneware Wall Cladding

Porcelain stoneware is not only an excellent choice for floors (link), as porcelain stoneware cladding also offer an infinite range of decorative effects. Porcelain stoneware is a very popular element in interior design thanks to its enviable ability to adapt to any style of furnishing and any environment.

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Porcelain stoneware wall cladding: aesthetics and functionality

Ideal for those looking for a durable solution for vertical surfaces in the home, such as bathrooms and kitchens, porcelain stoneware tiles are available in a range of sizes and shapes, from mosaics to large slabs, to suit every design requirement. Thanks to the wide range of colours, designs and textures available, you can create a unique and original environment that reflects your style and personality.

We select the best ceramics to offer solutions to suit every style. We offer porcelain stoneware tiles designed to create a welcoming and contemporary environment: for example, you can choose ceramics for a glossy or opaque bathroom, embellished with decorations and mosaics.

Porcelain stoneware is so popular thanks to the countless combinations that allow you to personalise your environment, from the walls to the shower tray, from the floor to the furniture.

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gres effetto pietra
rivestimento effetto legno
rivestimento effetto cemento
gres effetto metallo ruggine
gres effetto resina


Discover a collection of stone-effect stoneware flooring and wall cladding that faithfully interprets the natural charm and stylistic power of slate.

Do you need to renovate the floors in your home? Are you looking for wall cladding?
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