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Ghost Plus

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510 x 235 x 142 CM

The rectangular counter-current swim spa

treesse minipiscina fusion spa treesse
200 X 67h

The elegance of perfection.

minipiscina treesse fusion spa
230 x 180 x 67 CM

The perfect balance between beauty and well-being.

230 X 200 X 67h

Unbeatable comfort and style in your home.

240 x 195 x 85 CM

Simple and streamlined modern design.

300 x 235 x 85 CM

Designed to meet all your needs.

minipiscina treesse zen
280 x 235 x 85 CM

Rectangular spa with Ghost System hydromassage.

260 x 205 x 95 CM

A unique and complete relaxation experience for maximum comfort.

280 X 235 X 98 CM

A true flagship for your total relaxation and personal well-being.

200 X 160 X 82h

Spa with Ghost System hydromassage with minimalist design and incredible versatility

235 x 235 x 98 CM

An unrivalled total relaxation experience that will leave you speechless.

210 X 210 X 86 CM

Maximum relaxation with Ghost Plus hydromassage, airpool and chromotherapy.

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