Fusion SPA 230


The perfect balance between beauty and well-being.

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230 x 180 x 67 CM
2 seats
From€ 14.200,00
Treesse Group

Fusion SPA 230

The Fusion SPA 230, created by the designer Marc Sadler, is the ideal solution for those looking for a balance between aesthetics and well-being. With its minimalist design and contemporary style, this spa is perfect for both outdoor and indoor environments, enhancing the character of any space.

It is a versatile and customisable product thanks to its dimensions - 230x180xH67 cm - and the possibility of choosing between a fibreglass and/or a thermal anthracite cover.

What makes the Fusion SPA 230 unique is the skimmer system with integrated balancing tank, which makes it an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use product. The innovative Ghost technology, created by the designer Marc Sadler, makes the hydromassage jets invisible, by concealing them inside a thin perimeter slot.

But that's not all: Ghost technology also uses the effects of chromotherapy, reproduced by multi-coloured LED lighting, also concealed in the perimeter slot. A blade of light moves the water in the spa. The result is a unique and total relaxation experience for a balanced and enveloping sense of well-being.

Standard features

A number of features make the Fusion SPA 230 spa unique:

  • Hydromassage jet
  • Automatic tub draining
  • Automatic tub filling system
  • Disinfection with ozone
  • Water recirculation system with sand filter
  • Heater with temperature adjustment
  • Level sensor
  • 2 seats


Various options to be quoted:

  • Chromotherapy with single perimeter LEDs
  • Arrangement for external heat exchanger
  • Pneumatic lifter for recessed tub
  • Water treatment kit
  • Bottom suction system
Request a quote, We will find and configure for you The best minipool!

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