Resin Wall Cladding

Bring a unique touch of modernity and refinement to the walls of your home with resin wall cladding, which are perfect for any environment thanks to their ability to combine practicality with design textures. For walls that will not go unnoticed!

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Resin wall cladding for Bathrooms, Kitchens and interior cladding

The resin clads the walls and vertical surfaces like a cloak. The homogeneity of the resin cladding allows eliminating unpleasant inconveniences such as cracks and mould, making it the ideal cladding for bathrooms and kitchensResin cladding are not only practical and aesthetically pleasing, they are also capable of evoking unique emotions thanks to their smooth and tactile texture. A modern, durable and increasingly appreciated alternative!

The kaleidoscopic effects of resin

Resin, originally used in industrial environments, is now increasingly being used in the home to create minimalist environments with a unique style. 
Suitable for all rooms in the house, easy to maintain and without grout lines.

posa pavimenti rivestimenti resina


Much sought after for its texture and ease of cleaning, resin can also be applied to existing tiles with truly amazing results, quickly transforming an old floor or wall cladding.

Perfect performance and durability require expert installation, which is why our installers are certified by Kerakoll Design House, a leading manufacturer of resin for the construction industry.

Do you need to renovate the floors in your home? Are you looking for wall cladding?
Leave it to us to find the best solution both for indoor and outdoor applications!

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