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Spas: your outdoor hot tub

June 30, 2023

How much does a whirlpool spa cost? Where to place a hot tub? How to keep a whirlpool spa clean?

These are some of the questions we are most often asked when our customers think about a whirlpool spa to install in their home. This is a really convenient solution that immediately gives a touch of exclusivity to your outdoor spaces. A hot tub can be used for personal well-being but also for moments of sharing with friends. Relaxing all together will be really fun!

minipiscina idromassaggio

Outdoor hot tubs: where to place them?

The question "where to place the spa?" is one of the most frequently asked when our interested customers at our showroom in Vicenza!

The answer is: it depends on the space you have available! In general, however, we can provide you with some valuable tips for choosing the right place to install your exclusive spa:

  • First and foremost, outdoor spas should rest on a level, flat surface that allows you to enjoy the tub safely and without causing structural damage.
  • Avoid wind-exposed areas for a truly 100 percent relaxing experience, opting for an area sheltered from the air, which can interfere with lowering the water temperature (although our spas are heated!).
  • For the same reason, we recommend choosing an area well exposed to the sun, so that this can help warm you up and make your moment of relaxation even more special.
  • If you particularly value your privacy, choose a secluded area where you can enjoy a quiet moment on your own or with friends.

What material is an outdoor spa made of?

Mini pools must be able to provide high UV, water and aging resistance. If installed in a terrace or garden, they must also be able to offer excellent performance in weathering and corrosion resistance.

For this reason, the material used to make mini-pools is gelcoat. This is the same fiberglass material from which boats are built, so as a result, wear resistance is 100% guaranteed.

If after years of use and neglect your spa should look dull or have dents, it is always possible to restore and repair the surfaces to make it virtually as good as new.

minipiscina circolare

How to clean a mini pool?

Cleaning a spa is not as complex as many people may think. Just follow a few simple steps to perform maintenance that can ensure a long life for your spa!

Here is a short guide to follow:

  1. Empty the water: before you start cleaning, completely empty the water from the mini-pool: you can do this by using a pool pump or drain hose.
  2. Remove debris and leaves: we recommend that you use a pool net or a special portable vacuum cleaner to remove small debris and leaves on the bottom.
  3. Use specific cleaners: if you notice that the surface of the spa is dirty or has stains that are difficult to remove, use a pool-specific cleaner. We are available to recommend a suitable one!
  4. Check water level and chemistry: after cleaning the spa, refill with clean water to the recommended level. Be sure to check and adjust the pH and chlorine levels of the water using appropriate pool chemicals.

To keep your spa water clean at all times and avoid too frequent deep cleanings, here are two simple tips to follow:

  1. Use a thermal cover: allows the water temperature to be kept constant at all times as well as shielding the liquid from insects and microorganisms.
  2. Clean the filter: we recommend using the paper filter (most suitable for residential and private use) on a regular basis. Just rinse it quickly under a jet of water to remove all impurities. Be careful to reassemble it only when it is thoroughly dry!

How much does a spa cost?

Realizzare un piccolo angolo di paradiso installando una minipiscina nel proprio terrazzo di casa o in giardino non è così proibitivo come si pensa. Certo, il costo dipende molto dalla scelta del modello, dalle dimensioni e dagli accessori che si desiderano abbinare per personalizzare e configurare la propria minipiscina, ma il range di prezzo è variabile e può essere accessibile.

Tendenzialmente i prezzi vanno da un minimo di 7.500 euro+iva per una minipiscina idromassaggio 2-3 posti, con pannellatura laterale e copertura termica, fino ad un massimo di 30.000 euro+iva per una piscina con nuoto controcorrente riscaldata e di grandi dimensioni.

Making a little piece of paradise by installing a spa in your home terrace or garden is not as prohibitive as you think. Of course, the cost depends a lot on the choice of model, size and accessories you want to combine to customize and configure your spa, but the price range is variable and can be affordable.

Prices tend to range from a minimum of 7,500 euros+vat for a 2-3 seat whirlpool, with side paneling and thermal cover, to a maximum of 30,000 euros+vat for a heated, large countercurrent swimming pool.


Our experts are here to answer your questions and provide you with all the support you need to choose your exclusive spa. Visit our section on Minipools and tell us about your project, and together we will configure the perfect outdoor spa for you!

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