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Treesse Bathtubs: design and functionality for your well-being

December 28, 2023

The bathtub, it is known, can sometimes become the absolute star of a bathroom. Whether it is a corner bathtub, a freestanding bathtub, and thus in the center of the room, or even a classic wall or corner bathtub, it is a super popular tool for all those who wish to take a moment of respite and let the daily drudgery slip away.

Owning a bathtub at home literally means having an ally for one's well-being at one's side, thanks to the pleasant and unique sensations that only warm water can give our bodies at the end of a tiring day. Extremely versatile, it is a tool to be used both during the winter, when the weather gets harsh to relax the muscles, and during the summer by using cool water as a real regenerating treatment that helps to feel relief from the scorching heat outside.

Treesse Bathtubs: design and functionality for your well-being -

Discover the design and technology of Treesse Bathtubs

Having a bathtub at one's disposal is a luxury that not everyone can take advantage of; having a Treesse bathtub in one's bathroom is definitely a big plus over all the competition. Why? In recent years, the bathtub has become a real piece of furniture, as well as a tool equipped with the best technologies to promote all-around well-being.

Treesse has always kept these two aspects well in mind, producing bathtubs that exceed all kinds of expectations in terms of design and functionality. This is precisely why we at Oliviero Pavimenti have relied on this 100% Made in Italy brand to provide you with solutions of the highest quality and prestige: ask our consultants for the product list!

Treesse includes several types of bathtubs and whirlpool baths, adaptable to the space requirements of any bathroom: whether it's a master and large bathroom, or a more modestly sized bathroom, you're sure to find what's right for you in Treesse's catalog of bathtubs!

Treesse bathtubs: rectangular, corner, classic and freestanding tubs

The Treesse Group has put forth the utmost effort to design bathtubs that can please the tastes and style of all those who wish to create a bathroom equipped with a carefully designed instrument that can change the appearance and classic conception of the bathroom.

For those who want to achieve a more modern result and want the bathtub to be the absolute star, then we definitely recommend a centerpiece bathtub, or freestanding bathtub, capable of immediately giving a great impact to the room, giving a touch of class and design. This is an option available in various sizes and shapes, from the more oval and gently curved to the squarer and rectangular. Models with feet are also available for lovers of classic and retro styles!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more restrained solution due to the small size of your bathroom, then we recommend a corner bathtub: very easy to install, it manages to provide the same pleasant sensations as a warm bath but taking up less space. You will be able to move completely comfortably within your bathroom without having to give up the relaxing pampering of the bathtub.

treesse bathtubs

Treesse hot tubs: enhance your moment of well-being

A hot tub definitely represents the pinnacle of wellness that you can indulge in inside your bathroom. It is a type of bathtub equipped with water jets and sometimes air jets, designed specifically to provide an all-around relaxing and fulfilling massage experience. The various treesse hot tub models come with various customizable features to allow you to create your own spa experience. Here are some features and options you can choose from with us:

  1. Water jets: Treesse whirlpool tubs are equipped with adjustable jets that shoot high-pressure water, adjustable according to the part of the body we want to massage.
  2. Air jets: Some of the Treesse models also include air jets, which are responsible for the typical bubbles that promote buoyancy of the body, helping it to relax through the stimulation of other senses, first and foremost certainly hearing: the sound of the water bubbles will help the mind get into a mood of total well-being from the very first minutes!
  3. Water heating: Treesse hot tubs can be equipped with a heating system to maintain a constant water temperature throughout use, an option we definitely recommend adding to enjoy a truly unparalleled experience.
  4. LED lighting: Colored LED lights can also be added to add color therapy to one's wellness package to promote one's well-being on a multisensory level.
  5. Latest optionals: To make your bathtub the perfect partner for your well-being, Treesse has designed some really interesting optionals, such as an underwater spotlight or a Bluetooth audio system to play your favorite music while bathing or to complete the wellness experience with some great relaxing music.

In short, we are looking at a real tool for one's health, and knowing that you can enjoy it whenever you want is a truly incredible advantage!

Hot Tubs and Bath Treesse prices

Our Treesse proposals are fully customizable so you can be assured of a product that fits your needs perfectly. Depending on your choices, whether it's a corner bathtub, a rectangular, oval or classic bathtub, or a technological whirlpool tub, the price may vary. At your disposal you have various shapes and sizes, as well as a wide selection of optional extras to choose from to complete your bathtub with all the features you deem essential to promote your well-being!

All you have to do is get in touch with one of our Oliviero Flooring consultants to get advice on the best solution for your needs. Our job is to assist you in designing the bathroom of your dreams, from start to finish. Contact us now!

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Treesse mini pools: an alternative solution for your relaxation

If you have a larger space at your disposal and wish to use it as a wellness oasis, then the best solution for you will definitely be a Treesse mini-pool, a flagship product of the Italian brand. This is a great tool and a real treat for all those who perhaps already own a bathtub but want larger dimensions and state-of-the-art features for their relaxation.

We invite you to learn more about our indoor spas, outdoor spas, countercurrent swimming pools, and Treesse spa models that you can find available at our showroom!

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