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Treesse Minipool: the made in Italy for your relaxation

January 26, 2024

Do you dream of transforming your space into an oasis of tranquility and pleasure? Treesse hot tubs are the ideal solution for those who want a spa corner right in their own home. Elegant, comfortable and technologically advanced, Treesse hot tubs offer a unique and rejuvenating experience that can make you forget all kinds of fatigue from the day.

Discover the wide range of Treesse spas and choose the one that's right for you. Treesse spas are available in different models, sizes and finishes to meet every need. Round, rectangular or square, whirlpool spas are the perfect solution for creating a corner of well-being, relaxation and sharing in your home!

A Treesse spa for your every need

Each of us has our own concept of relaxation and well-being. There are those who wish to devote time within the walls of their homes, either alone or in company, and there are people who instead want to embellish outdoor spaces by installing a whirlpool spa to be used especially during the summer season, for outdoor relaxation sessions.

So we invite you to discover our selection of Treesse spas, both outdoor and indoor:

  • outdoor hot tubs are perfect for those who want to spend relaxing moments in the garden or on the terrace
  • indoor spas, on the other hand, are the ideal solution for those who want to create a wellness oasis inside their home and enjoy the pleasure of a hot tub even during the winter.

All our Treesse spas feature a contemporary and innovative design that blends perfectly into any environment you decide to install them in. The clean lines and slim profile give the mini spas an elegant and sophisticated look, transforming them into true pieces of furniture.

indoor minipool

Treesse mini pool, advanced technology for optimal relaxation

Treesse hot tubs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures an incomparable experience of relaxation and well-being. In fact, the Treesse Group has invested quite a bit not only in the pursuit of the most refined and contemporary design, but on the technology that is capable of making each of the brand's hot tubs unique and inimitable.

Treesse Ghost System

Ghost technology is definitely what makes Treesse's mini spas truly incredible. With the valuable collaboration of designer Marc Sadler, the company has managed to patent a "hidden whirlpool" system. What does that mean? Inside the tubs, the whirlpool jets, often considered unsightly, are no longer visible, to give the product a design edge, with a result that is certainly cleaner and more linear.

Most of the models in our selection are equipped with this exclusive technology, precisely because as official Treesse distributors we wanted to offer you the company's most innovative and luxurious range. Among the most popular you will be able to find Fusion, in the round or square SPA version, the Zen model, also in its Active version.

Treesse Ghost Plus System

Recently, the Italian company Treesse has developed an additional technology that greatly increases the efficiency of mini pools: it is the Ghost Plus invisible whirlpool system!

What are the substantial differences between the Ghost system and this Ghost Plus update? To the whirlpool jets that already existed with the previous version, additional jets of larger size have been added, creating an alternation of sizes that provide a more high-performance and satisfying massage. Everything is hidden to keep the. design lines clean at all times, making a Treesse spa a valuable addition to the interior or exterior of the home.

In our selection, the mini pools with Ghost Plus system are Maya Gp, Muse GP. Phantom, Heaven and Shadow. Go discover them!

Whirlpool with Chromotherapy

In some Treesse mini pools models it is possible to install LEDs for color therapy, which offers an unparalleled experience of relaxation. The colors will give a unique atmosphere to the environment, relaxing your mind and giving you unique poolside moments. Like the hydromassage nozzles and jets, the LEDs for color therapy also take advantage of the Ghost system and are therefore invisible. What you will be able to admire will be a truly incredible beam of colored lights comprising a spectrum of colors consisting of white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue blue and purple.

Take a look at the mini pools to which the optional color therapy can be added in our dedicated section!

chromotherapy mini pool

Treesse Minipools: materials, displays and filtration systems

To maintain a high standard of quality, Treesse uses exclusive materials with high durability such as fiberglass to build its hot tub models. Available in a variety of colors, such as white, light wood effect, and dark wood effect, fiberglass panels will ensure a long life for your spa thanks to the characteristics of glass intersecting with the merits of resin, resulting in a strong and durable structure capable of avoiding corrosion.

All Treesse spas are equipped with a digital display from which all the main functions of the product can be controlled, such as water temperature, tub filling and emptying, and whirlpool intensity. Some Treesse models can be equipped with a Wi-Fi module that will provide additional innovative functions. Do not hesitate to ask for more information!

Treesse Group's mini-pools can be equipped with either a sand or cartridge filtration system. What is the difference?

Sand is commonly used as a filter medium, especially in standard swimming pools. How does filtration work? A bed of sand is used that filters the water by retaining solid debris in it. It periodically needs cleaning and refilling to perform proper filtration and to remove small debris that has been retained in the sand bed.

The cartridge filter system, on the other hand, is adopted because it is very effective in retaining not only debris but also contaminants and particles in the water: the larger debris settles on the surface of the cartridge, while the particles are retained inside. Again, the filter should be disassembled, cleaned and replaced if necessary to keep the water clean and hygienic inside your spa.

Oliviero: official distributor minipools Treesse Group

Oliviero cares about your peace of mind and comfort. Browse our wide selection of hot tubs and whirlpool spas to find the perfect solution for you. Do you know the prices of spa tubs? Feel free to contact us to receive a personalized quote. We are here to transform your space into a place of relaxation and well-being and become your ideal partner!

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