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Wallpaper Effect Tile

February 21, 2024

Do you wish to give an extra touch to your walls? Are you fascinated by the dramatic impact of wallpaper? Then I definitely need to know that there is a type of ceramic wall tiles that manages to perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality: we are talking about porcelain stoneware wallpaper effect!

Porcelain wallpaper tile is a popular choice, especially popular when it comes to dressing the walls of rooms where you want to add a touch of liveliness but are subject to moisture, for example, the bathroom or kitchen. So here's how a tile can instantly decorate and make your spaces unique, without making you lack practicality and convenience in cleaning and maintenance!

Stoneware Wallpaper Effect

Wallpaper tiles are porcelain tiles that visually reproduce the pattern or appearance of wallpaper. This type of tile offers an interesting and creative alternative to traditional tiles, adding a touch of design and personality to rooms.

These tiles can be designed to mimic a wide range of patterns and styles found in wallpapers, allowing you to create a unique and eye-catching environment. They can be used in a variety of settings, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or other interior spaces.

stoneware wallpaper

Features and Benefits of Ceramic Wallpaper Effect

Opting for wallpaper effect coverings means making a definitely original choice, without encountering any particular risks over time. Above all, it means transforming one's rooms, be it home, office or store, into a truly impactful setting.

Why rely on wallpaper effect tiles rather than classic wallpaper?

  1. Durability is clearly superior: Porcelain tile is highly valued for its strength and resistance to daily wear and tear. Because of this characteristic, wallpaper effect tiles maintain their beauty over time, resisting scratches, bumps, temperature changes and humidity.
  2. Easy cleaning and maintenance: you can safely say goodbye to problems related to stains and splashes as porcelain tile is very easy to clean and requires only minimal and quick maintenance. In this way, the beauty of the chosen design and the tile as a whole will always be maximized!
  3. Lots of style and design options: at your disposal you have a wide range of designs and styles to make your walls more original than ever. From nature-inspired textures and images to modern geometric patterns, porcelain wallpaper effect offers you endless possibilities for creating a unique and eye-catching environment.
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Porcelain Stoneware Effect Wallpaper vs. Traditional Wallpaper

Personalizing one's home is one of the activities that manages to give one the greatest satisfaction: the excitement that our home, decorated and set up as we had longed for, can give us incredible fulfillment. It therefore comes naturally to turn on one's creativity, taking advantage of the walls and their spaciousness to create bgreat works of art.

Unfortunately, classic wallpaper as a wall covering may not always prove to be the best solution, especially for rooms where moisture is the main factor. Here, then, a kitchen wall covering or a bathroom wallpaper effect wall covering can prove to be an excellent alternative, which brings with it really basic merits for this type of environment:

  1. Moisture resistance: unlike traditional wallpaper, porcelain stoneware is not affected by moisture, totally preventing the risk of mold and deterioration over time.
  2. Absolute durability over time: wallpaper can fade or tear over time if proper care is not taken; porcelain, on the other hand, maintains its aesthetic integrity for years, providing a long-term solution for your interior design.
large wallpaper effect slabs

Large wallpaper effect sheets: how to match them

How to match wallpaper effect tiles? Since this is a distinctive and impactful porcelain tile, you need to pay attention to how to place it in your rooms. The goal is to create a designer wall or corner, but the risk of getting carried away and overdoing it is just around the corner.

So here are our style tips for creating really visually interesting zones:

  1. Create a focal point: wallpaper-effect porcelain stoneware lends itself well as a material to be applied on a main wall. Think, for example, of the wall where bathroom cabinets with sinks will be placed, or the wall of a beautiful walk-in shower. In this way, you will attract attention by adding a touch of glamour and design.
  2. Take advantage of lighting to emphasize the wall: sometimes very little is needed to radically change a room! If we have decided, for example, to make a wallpaper effect wall in the living room and we particularly like the chosen pattern, adding a light source that is directed toward the wall can really make a difference. More emphasis will be created, which will maximize the "wow" effect.
wallpaper effect stoneware advantages

Have we convinced you? Will you consider installing wallpaper effect tiles in your home? We are here to help you with the realization of an original and truly unparalleled project!

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