Whirlpool Minipool QUARZ LIGHT 212

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  • List price from € 11000,00 + vat
  • SIZES: 212 X 190 X 90h
  • Number of people: 2/3

Hydrospa with whirlpool. Whirlpool, with system for water recirculation.


  • Water message 28
  • Heating 3kW
  • Cartridge filter system
  • Anti-frost system
  • Ozonator
  • ABS insulation layer
  • Side panels
  • Thermal cover
  • Colour therapy

WI-FI Module. Filter for replacement. Vacuum cleaner. Water treatment kit. Tub colors of your choice RAL.

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Minipiscine treesse

Discover the ghost system technology
An innovative solution patented by the
treesse group

The invisible whirlpool allows you to have a bathtub completely free of exposed nozzles and to obtain greater cleaning. The atmosphere lights up thanks to a play of led lights given by the chromotherapy that is hidden inside the minipool.
The Innovation allows to use this product both in summer and in winter thanks to a heating system that brings water up to 40 °.

Fusion Minipiscina Oliviero

Wellness & SPA Accessories

We have a wide range of assortments in the field of wellness and spa with indoor and outdoor hot tubs, saunas, showers with turkish baths. We take care also, of the design of your spaces.

  • whirpool
  • airpool
  • automatic hidden filling
  • automatic amptying filling edge
  • cartridge filter system
  • heater
  • led colour therapy
  • ozonator
  • soft headrest
  • side panels
  • thermal cover
  • fitting for external heat exchangers
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